GRWM – Leather shorts and a cropped hoodie

GRWM – Leather shorts and a cropped hoodie In this video I’ll be getting ready – today I opted for a cropped pink hoodie, a sheer body suit underneath and my black faux leather shorts. I’m a big lover of faux leather – I have faux leather everything – skirts, shorts, trousers, jackets and dresses. I decided to do something […]

Rating My Old Outfit Posts

Rating My Old Outfit Posts When I first started, I wanted my blog to be focused around fashion. I soon changed my mind and wanted to post more lifestyle / travel / advice content, as it gave me a wider niche for my blog. Many of my early posts are outfit posts, so in this post I thought I’d revisit […]

Refreshing My Natural Curls

Refreshing My Natural Curls In this post I’ll be refreshing my natural curls, on my day 4 hair. Unfortunately my curls don’t hold very well overnight, even with a satin pillowcase! So I do have to wet my hair most mornings. I recently purchased a spray bottle which sprays continuously and this has made my life so much easier, as […]

Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb

Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb When I first came across the Lush Deep Sleep bath bomb, I was intrigued. I hadn’t seen or used a bath bomb that looked like this before. I am a big fan of lavender – I find it so soothing and calming, especially before bedtime. This bath bomb is a mix of Lavender and chamomile […]

Quick And Easy Lockdown Makeup

Quick And Easy Lockdown Makeup I thought I’d try something different and create a ‘get ready with me’ style video showing you how I’ve been doing my makeup recently. I love this eyeliner look – it’s perfect for people with hooded eyes. I have always hated my hooded eyelids. There are so many cons – you can’t see eyeshadow very […]

Why I Quit Social Media

Why I Quit Social Media I’m just going to come out and say it; I hate social media. Of course it has it positives – It helps people stay connected, you can promote your business, blog, website etc and of course, you can’t beat scrolling through hilarious videos of animals doing silly things but overall I think we can all […]

SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners SEO can seem like an extremely daunting idea for new bloggers. I always avoided SEO in my first few years of blogging and only discovered it in more recently. Honestly – I’m still trying to figure it out and it can be difficult to get your head around but the good news is, once you’ve grasped the […]