1 Eyeshadow Palette.. 5 looks ❤️💜

1 Eyeshadow Palette.. 5 looks ❤️💜

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a huge makeup person. 1) I’m not very good at makeup and 2) I love the natural look. However, as I’ve previously posted, I’ve recently purchased myself a good quality eyeshadow palette, which is something I’ve not had before.

This palette has changed my mind completely, I’m obsessed with bold makeup, especially bright and bold eyeshadows. And I’ve had so much fun playing around with different colours. So the palette inspired me to create this post.

I have created 5 different looks, most of them being very colourful. This palette is great for bright colours, but also neutral colours with browns, whites and blacks included in the colour range. Any colour you can think of, is on this palette, which I love!

So let’s move onto the looks..

1) Fairy

The first look I created was very pastel and pretty. It was giving me major fairy vibes. I love this look because it’s subtle yet also stands out at the same time, if that makes sense?

2) Swamp Monster

Swamp monster was my next look! I love green eyeshadows, I feel like it really brings out the greens in my eyes. I really like the concept of creating an eyeshadow look based on your eye colour. It just makes your eyes pop. I love green it’s my favourite colour. I like how this look looks so dark and grunge yet bright and neon at the same time.

3) Skittle bomb

I’ve always been a huge fan of rainbow eyeshadow! For years I’ve always experimented with rainbow eyeshadow, although I’ve not tried a look like this before. I used.. the dreaded cut crease technique! Something I am absolutely awful at, and doesn’t seem to suit my eye shape, however I was surprised at how nice this turned out.

4) Glam

This look is for those who aren’t a huge fan of colour. This is more of a glam, and sophisticated look. The classic red lip and brown/black eyeshadow with white in the inner corners. I actually did this makeup for my engagement party as I wanted something quite glam looking. I used a gold colour for under my waterline which really completed the look.

5) Sunset smoulder

The fifth and final look is actually an absolute favourite of mine. I have always how red eye shadow looks and I’m always inspired to use colours that replicate a sunset. Although this look is quite bold I still feel it can be worn on a daily basis. I actually wore this look to work and a co-worker commented how it didn’t look too much even though it was so bright.

I adore this palette and would highly recommend it. I’m excited to create so many more looks because there’s such a huge variety of colours.

If you’re interested in purchasing this palette you can click here! (However it is currently out of stock, that’s how good it is!)

Which look was your favourite?

See you soon!

Calluna X

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