Outfit: Leather And Lace 🖤💜

Two posts in one day!? That’s right. I just had to post this outfit!  Guess what? This whole outfit is pretty much all from the charity shop.. the dress and the leather jacket AND the handbag. I absolutely adore this dress, it’s got such a witchy vibe and since Halloween is near it’s appropriate right? Haha. This dress cost me […]

Days in pictures #3 🖤

Had the best breakfast ever.. avacado, egg and hash browns on toast. Great start to the day! ^_^ Went charity shopping! Found some really cute stuff like the studded boots, but sadly they weren’t my size! I would have cried with happiness if they were my size.. they were gorgeous! Also the charity shop mannequins were dressed so beautiful. >.< […]

Outfit: Vultures 🖤

Hi guys! I got this gorgeous coat from the charity shop for only £8 this weekend! I told myself I was going to try control my charity shop addiction but when I saw this I instantly fell in love and just had to get it. >.< It’s so warm, and snug and I have had like a lot of compliments […]

Days in pictures #2 💗

It’s starting to look a lot like Autumn! Leaves are crunchy and they have fallen from the trees 🍂   Which means the central heating is being turned on, a comfy onesie is being worn and a beef casserole is being eaten. Autumn has its perks! I’ve spent a few days at the gym! Which is always fun. Cardio and […]

Day in pictures #1 💗

Another rainy day in England. Autumn is here. I’m not minding the colder weather though which is a change. Another day at the office, sushi at my desk and break times with my work pals make it a little more enjoyable though. There was a cake sale at work, raising money for the British Heart Foundation. But sadly I’m on […]