Days In Pictures #11 – Seaside Get Away ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—

We spent a few days away at the seaside the other month. The sunset was absolutely breathtaking and for once the weather held up in the UK! I actually caught a tan! Letโ€™s just take a moment to appreciate that, haha.

The seaside is a beautiful place to visit. 

We stayed in a caravan on a holiday park and it was so cosy! 

Took these pictures of me infront of the sea.

We went fishing and drank beer and caught amazing tans! What a perfect way to spend a few days. 

Went mooching around the shops and found the most perfect shoes!

Went to the arcades a lot. I love grabbing machines and the slot machines. My boyfriend won me this Five Nights At Freddys teddy!

I also tried crab for the first time! It was pretty good. 

I had such an amazing weekend away!

See you on the next post



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