2017 Highlights ❤️💜

Visiting London

Visiting Lincoln

Taking part in the only photoshoot I’ve done this year

Spending time with this cutie

Drinking lots of beer!!

Getting my favourite musician tattoo’d on me. Best tattoo ever!

Going to download festival and seeing Steel Panther and Aerosmith!

Going to Greece, and exploring. It’s such a beautiful place!

Getting my new IPhone!

Rocking a bad ass tan. 😎

w Kiss live for the second time!

ing 21!! And also getting a new amazing job!

ing a cool pumpkin.

g pumpkin picking with my family

g to my best friends bonfire and roasting marshmallows.

g to the seaside for a weekend, fishing is so much fun.

g surprised with a weekend away to Paris!!

brating my first year anniversary with my incredible boyfriend. ❤️

Being treated to a weekend away at Stratford

Started pole dancing!

Spent a weekend in London and saw the famous Les Mis!!

I had such an amazing year filled with fun and love with the most amazing people around me. My family, my boyfriend and my best friends.

2018 will be another incredible year filled with laughter and love 💕

I hope you all had an amazing year, and here’s to an even better one filled with even more highlights!

Much love

Oxoxoxox oxoxoxox

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