Happy Halloween guys!


So, on my drive to work today I had a huge surge of inspiration – I started coming up with all these ideas for Halloween blog posts, but then I realised.. Halloween is today and you can’t write Halloween related posts AFTER the 31st October right? Because that’s when all the Christmas related posts start! I realised I was extremely late on the bandwagon, and I should have probably started to plan these posts weeks ago. But hey, inspiration comes at the most inconvenient times.

So for todays post, I thought I’d create 3 different Halloween inspired looks and I had so much fun coming up with these looks!

1) Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice


The first look was based around this red tulle skirst, which reminds me of the wedding dress from Beetlejuice! I love this skirt, I just never wear it. These style of skirts are my absolutely favourite, they make me feel like a fairy – Or in this case, a creepy demon fairy. I paired this skirt with fishnet socks and my new favourite shoes which I keep going on about, I know! I love how these shoes look with fishnet socks.

This is an outfit I would never have come up with if it wasn’t for this post.. now I have styled this outfit I know I’m going to be wearing this all the time!

I based my makeup around ghosts and ghouls. It was a very simple look – White eyshadow on my eyelids and undereyes, a thick layer of mascara and black lips.


2. Salem Girl


When I started to create this look, I actually started my makeup first. I was basing this makeup look around the devil – Hence the red. But when I came to style an outfit, I just instantly felt witch vibes. I love this fishnet top which I have recently purchased from Pretty Little Thing, and they went perfect with my fishnet socks. I particulary love how these shoes look with the socks too.

Again – This is an outfit I wouldn’t think to wear usually, but after styling this I’m so excited to wear this the weekend. I actually have a photoshoot planned for Saturday so I’m definetely going to be wearing this.

To mix up my hair, I tied it up into little space buns.


3. Camp Crystal Lake


For my third and final outfit, I decided to style this Jason Vorhees t-shirt for a more causal look. I love horror films, especially the classis slasher films and I have so many horror t-shirts.

I styled this with some coated trousers, black boots and a black overcoat.

I did my makeup with a ‘vampire batty’ look in mind – Purple lips and dark black eyeshadow. I’m not actually a fan of black eyeshadow myself, I feel it doesn’t suit me but as it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make an exception! I thought a slicked back ponytail worked really well with this look and I am loving slicked back hairstyles at the moment.


Those were my 3 Halloween inspired looks!
Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments and like this post if you’re feeling extra spooky. ^^

See you on the next post and remember… stay creepy!

Calluna X