5 Self Care Activity Ideas

5 Self Care Activity Ideas

5 Self Care Activity Ideas

As we find ourselves going back into a lockdown in the UK, it reminds me that it’s been a difficult year for so many. People are feeling isolated, seperated from their loved ones, struggling with their mental health, people have lost jobs and lives and are struggling to put food on their tables. Firstly I want to say – if you’re feeling alone or having a difficult time, please feel free to drop me an email or comment.

In this post I’ll be talking about some things you can do to lift your mood and brighten your spirit.

I am quite a positive person myself which is one of the qualities I do like about myself and I feel like this is because I keep on top of my self care and am quite in touch with my thoughts, feelings and try to stay in the present moment. So in this post I hope I’ll be able to share some tips with you during these uncertain times.

1. Take A Day Off

My first tip is to take a day off! Whether this is a day off work, a day off from house work, or just a day off from the mundane routine of life. Book yourself a random day and plan to do nothing but things that you enjoy. Do something you’ve been meaning to do for months and have never got around to it. Do you want to binge watch a season? Do it! You could spend the day baking, spend the day snuggled up in bed with your pet watching films, finish a book you’ve been trying to read for months, play candy crush on your phone all day, play video games, go on a walk, spend the day drinking coffee and napping. (The two DO go together! I promise..) Just take a day off to breath! You don’t have to be productive. Don’t feel guilty for doing nothing. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. It’s only one day!

2. Read A Book

My next tip is to read a book – visit a bookstore, have a browse around. There’s something so calming about bookshops which I just love. The smell of the books and the quiet, calmness that lingers the air. At the moment bookstores might not be an option, so I guess an online book shop is your best option. I have the Waterstones app which I use.

Browse around, find a book that you wouldn’t usually go for. Get a book that will educate you, fill you with knowledge or open your eyes to another point of view in life. If that’s not your cup of tea, go for a fiction book – a genre you wouldn’t usually read. Sit down and dedicate a few hours to reading. Don’t have the TV on or people around to distract you – allow yourself to get lost in the book. There’s something about reading that really calms me down and takes me away for a few hours, which is why I think reading is a great self care activity.


3. Pamper Yourself

As you can tell from my posts, I am a huge lover of Lush products so when I feel I need some self care, I pour myself a nice Lush bath, apply a face mask and soak for an hour or two. But you do not need Lush products to pamper yourself! In fact you don’t need any fancy products at all! Just pour yourself a nice hot bath or treat yourself to a nice long shower, put on some of your favourite music and close your eyes for a few moments. Take a deep breath and spend a moment to just enjoy the warmth of the water. Wash your hair and your skin. Froth up a nice creamy shower gel and lather yourself up. Once you’re done, get wrapped up in some cosy pyjamas. You can moisturise your skin or even paint your nails. Just spend time giving yourself some attention. Pour yourself a glass of wine as you apply a face mask. Light a candle and turn off the lights as you soak. You could even add some essential oils to your bath water! Taking time to look after yourself is so important and a vital part of self care.

4. Surround Yourself With People You Love

This ones a little difficult at the moment with lockdown restrictions in place but there are things you can do to try and overcome the obstacles. One idea would be to set up an online Zoom party or quiz, FaceTime your family, get everyone together if you live in the same household or if you can mingle in the garden. Laugh, have fun. Get silly. Pour yourself a drink , order a takeaway or cook a meal with each other. You could all be on Zoom cooking together or playing a game together. When you’re with your loved ones, don’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year. Don’t stress about what happened yesterday or last week – just try to be in the present moment. Enjoy everyone’s company, talk, and ask questions. If you’re with your loved ones in person, put your phone down, get off social media! The problem with our society nowadays is you can do walk into a room and everyone in that room will be glued to their phones. Put the phones down and be with people properly. People don’t communicate properly anymore. Talk to people.

Don’t surround yourself with someone for the sake of it just because you don’t want to be alone. Surround yourself with people you genuinely want to be around and bring you joy – even if it’s just your pet!

5. Listen To Music That Lifts Your Mood

My final self care activity is to listen to music that lifts your mood. When people are sad they tend to listen to sad music, and then get even more sad – why do people do this? I never understand this! Unless you genuinely love sad music, of course! Listen to music that fills you with joy, calms you down and makes you forget the world for a moment. Listen to music you want to get lost in. When I’m down I love to listen to John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, or any old music. I love old music – I love how innocent the lyrics are compared to music nowadays and how nostalgic it makes me feel. I love John Mayer’s lyrics, I really connect with them and they make me feel something. His guitar playing also has the same effect on me – it feels like his guitar is telling a story. I absolutely adore the sound of Fleetwood Mac, I love their music and Stevie Nick’s voice, it’s so smooth yet gritty at the same time. I like to listen to music that speaks to me and makes me feel. This lifts my mood completely and just takes me to a place where everything is okay for a moment. Find music and artists that make you feel this way, explore more music styles, listen to a song you haven’t heard for a long time. Put your earphones in and lye back and focus on the words. Your mind will be taken someone for a while, which is why I love to listen to music as a self care activity. It slows life down a little.

Summary Of 5 Self Care Activity Ideas

So those were my 5 self care activities. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some of my tips useful.

I’ll see you on the next post,

Calluna X

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