Day in the life
A photo a day #1

A photo a day #1

I often write posts called ‘days in pictureswhere I basically show you what I have recently been up to in pictures. (Pretty self explanatory right?) I’m going to continue creating these posts however I’ve now come up with a new idea where I take a photo to represent my day.

This photo can be anything that basically represents a single moment from each day of my week – whether it may be a selfie or just a simple picture of the sky, it’s basically just a little snippet of my day.

As I said, I’ll continue to post my days in pictures however this will be predominantly during my busier weeks where I have more going on. My weeks can get quite repetitive at times though!

I hope you enjoy these posts!

Let’s get started!

Monday – Enjoyed a Lush bath and felt like I was bathing in unicorn tears

Tuesday – Spent time writing my book

Wednesday – Good hair days at work

Thursday – Started to feel really unwell, so a bowl of chicken soup, crusty bread and a bottle of lucozade was a must.

Friday – Soldiered on at work, even though I felt awful.

Saturday – Sleepy Kitty

Sunday – Sunday mornings.

See you all on the next post!

Calluna X

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