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About the blogger – Calluna’s World

About the blogger – Calluna’s World

As I’ve had a lot of new followers recently (Hi new followers!) and as I’ve never really formally introduced myself to my long term followers (Hi long term followers!) I thought I would do something different. Different for my blog anyway. My blog is based mainly around lifestyle. It’s a place to post about my life, my travels, my outfits, my recommendations and my thoughts. Hence the name ‘Calluna’s World!’ So this post is still fitting with my content, and going forward I would definitely like to do more content like this. Which is basically just me rambling on, I don’t feel I do enough rambling if I’m honest!

I have been thinking about the direction I would like to take my blog more recently. Should I stick to one theme? If I was to stick to one theme it would definitely be travel, however I don’t feel I travel enough to write enough content. So then I thought about fashion, but really isn’t my ‘passion.’ I enjoy fashion and beauty and I do love putting together outfits and creating make up looks but at the same time I hate the fashion industry. It’s all about consumerism. I’m a minimal person – I don’t need a million handbags piled up in my wardrobe or a different pair of shoes for each day. So people may find it boring, if I keep styling my outfits with the same pair of shoes! So I have decided that for now, I would continue the way I am. If you do have any recommendations or any posts you prefer or would like to see more of, do let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely take the feedback on board.

So in this post I will be answering 15 questions about me so there’s some substance behind the face and posts that you are reading!

1) What makes you smile?

Animals! I love any animal – Pigs, cows, dogs, cats, birds. I only have to see them and I have a beaming smile and end up talking to them in a ridiculous voice.

2) What makes you cry?

Anything and everything. I’ve cried at Insidious 3, the game ‘Bioshock’, I cry at all the Harry Potter films, I once cried when someone told me their cat died, I cry at sad music videos. I cry at happy things as well as sad things. Sad films get me the most – the last time I cried the most was when I watched the film ‘Midnight Sun.’ I looked like an ugly red troll after after having a massive sob to that film.

3) What are your worst habits?

Pressing the snooze button, I can press snooze all morning! I don’t know how people get up early in the morning by choice. It baffles me. I also have a bad habit of running late for events (partly due to pressing snooze for hours), I also have a bad habit of biting my nails sometimes, especially if I feel anxious.

4) What is one thing you like about yourself?

I love how I can lift others around me – I always point out the positives if someone is feeling down and help them look on the bright side of things.

5) What is one thing you dislike about yourself?

I can be selfish at times.

6) What do you enjoy blogging about?

I can’t decide – I love writing travel posts, however I do really love my OOTD posts. I enjoy taking the photos and editing them. BUT I do enjoy my ‘days in pictures’ posts cause I like looking back on them months down the line.

But, if I had to choose one I’d pick fashion as they’re the easiest to create.

7) What blog posts do you enjoy reading the most?

I enjoy reading fashion and beauty posts the most. I find hair blog posts extremely informative as I can read tips for my naturally curly hair.

I do love reading lifestyle posts too though. I just love reading about other people’s lives, thoughts and opinions.

8) How did you pick your blog name?

In the past, I’ve concealed my real name because you know – it is the internet after all. However, I feel it’s time to finally spill the tea as it relates to my blog name. (And it’s really no big deal..) My name is Heather. Heather is a type of plant that is located predominantly in Scotland. There is a type of Heather plant that is called ‘Calluna’ hence the name ‘Calluna’s World!’ Another fun fact – Another name for Heather is actually Erica.

I still go by Calluna in my blogs though but do feel free to call me by my real name ^_^

9) Your most embarrassing moment?

I was walking through town, and I had a skirt on that zipped up in the middle. So there was a zip from the very top of the skirt, all the way to the bottom. So there I was strutting my stuff through town when BAM the zip popped open exposing my underwear. I panic, I’m in the middle of the high street, people are walking past and I can’t zip my skirt back up! So I run over to a corner to try and zip it up and turn my back to everyone so my underwear can’t be seen. At this point my skirt is pretty much falling off of me. It turns out, the corner I had scurried into was actually a one way frosted window into a bank. So I couldn’t see into the bank but everyone in the bank could see me frantically trying to hold my skirt together. I quickly ran into a shop, picked up a pair of jeans and ran into the changing rooms. I asked if I could change into them and pay for them after, however they advised me I couldn’t – but after showing them my emergency, they escorted me to the tills, the tags still on my jeans and had to scan them onto the till. It was so embarrassing! I have so many embarrassing moments I could talk about – I am a walking disaster! The worst part about this story, is that I actually had a long jacket on over the top of my outfit which could have protected my dignity, but in the moment I was so panicked I couldn’t think clearly!

10) Name 3 things you fear

1. Heights

2. Deep water

3. Rollercoasters / Intense waterslides

11) What is your favourite style of clothing?

Anything black, lace, sheer or leather!

12) What is your favourite takeaway?

Indian! Chicken madras and rice – so delicious.

13) Something you really, really want right now?

A bowl of Rice Krispies. I know that’s a random answer but I’m currently in bed and I love having a bowl of cereal before I go to sleep.

14) Post a recent picture of yourself

15) What are your future goals?

I want to be an author. That is a goal I have set my heart on. I want to move to Rhodes island with my Fiancé and spend my days writing my books on the beach with a cocktail in hand. That is me living in my little fantasy land there though! But hey, if we didn’t have dreams we would have nothing to work towards in life.

So I suppose you could categorise this post as a ‘tag’ so I tag all of you reading to answer these questions. Let me know if you do in the comments and I’ll definitely check out your answers!

I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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