Activewear – Gym Leggings Review

Activewear – Gym Leggings Review

Gym wear can often be difficult to purchase – You don’t want to go too cheap else you’ll be showing the whole gym your underwear mid squat and then there’s the other end of the spectrum where you need to fork out £40 just for a pair of gym leggings!

I’ve ordered gym clothes from websites like Pretty Little Thing and BooHoo in the past, but I feel like their active wear is more about the fashion and style rather than the actual quality and to be quite frank.. a lot of their workout clothes are quite inappropriate to actually wear to the gym. (Your boob will fall out of your sports top as you’re running on the treadmill, trust me)

So, I was in need of some new gym clothes as I had been decorating in mine and had got paint all over them. I really wanted to treat myself to a good quality set.. like GymShark, however I did not have GymShark kind of money after decorating my room! So I went for the next best thing.. and did a bit of browsing on eBay.

On eBay you can find a lot of GymShark dupes… for over half the price and the quality and style are pretty much the same! The reviews were really good too.. So I put in an order.

I ordered 2 pairs of the seamless leggings in purple and black. I decided to go for a design that contours your legs and glutes. (they are called 3D shape on eBay, they have so many different designs available)

These only cost me £5.99 each and upon opening the leggings I could already feel how good the quality was. They are extremely thick and well made, and the waist band snatches you in nicely too.

The leggings are extremely comfortable, and stretchy. They don’t feel like they’re going to split mid lunge, and there’s a lot of movement available.

I made sure to actually work out in the leggings before writing this review.. and they survived leg day! So they must be good quality. They are also completely squat proof. (I’d attach a photo but I don’t think that would be too appropriate!)

Not only do these leggings fit their purpose.. but they’re cheap, look exactly like the leggings you would buy on GymShark for £30-£40 and they just look nice!

The delivery was fast and packaged well so I’d definitely recommend putting in an order if you’ve been thinking of purchasing some new gym clothes.

You can purchase the leggings here

Overall I’m extremely happy with my purchase. It didn’t break the bank, I love how they look and the quality is impressive. I will definitely be looking at putting in another order very soon.

What are your favourite places to shop for gym wear?

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