Anniversary Gift Ideas – For Him and For Her

Anniversary Gift Ideas – For Him and For Her

In this post I will be sharing some sweet and thoughtful anniversary gift ideas perfect for that special person in your life. An anniversary is a time to celebrate your love, look back on the time you have spent together and appreciate the life that you share.

Me and my Fiancé recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary, which inspired me to write this post. My Fiancé always buys the most thoughtful gifts. He never fails to make me feel special. So in this post, I am hoping you will gain some ideas on how to make your partner smile on your special day.

1. A thoughtful keep sake – Perfect for an anniversary gift

Anniversary gift ideas

This is my personal favourite – Anniversary gifts do not need to be extravagant or ‘out there.’ Something small, sweet and thoughtful is always a safe option, especially if you want to put a smile on your partner’s face.

This could be anything! I once got my Fiancé a custom present with the lyrics to our song in the shape of a heart. This was framed and had our names and our anniversary date at the bottom. He absolutely loved this.

He once got me a gift with 10 reasons why he thinks I’m amazing. This came in a small box with 10 test tubes. Inside each test tube was a piece of paper which he had customised with reasons why he thinks I’m amazing. I adored this present, it was so much fun to unwrap and look through together. He also got me a framed print for one of our anniversaries, which is pictured below.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

You could even get matching keyrings or a personalised pillow.

I love shopping on Etsy for these kind of gifts – I will link some ideas below.

Personalised Scrabble Frame

Personalised Song Vinyl Print

Customised Drawing Print

These kind of gifts are the best, because they are personal and come from the heart.

2. Perfume / Aftershave

You cannot go wrong with perfume or aftershave. Everyone wants to smell nice! If you’re unsure about what fragrance to get, go over to your partners perfume / aftershave and see what scents they are running low on. This will save you the frustation of trying to guess as perfume / aftershave is a personal taste.

If they have mentioned a certain fragrance which they want to try, you could surprise them with this. Always keep your ears open for any comments your significant other makes – you never know when you can use this as an idea for an upcoming Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas present.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

3. Flowers

Flowers are a must. If you’re trying to impress that special someone, flowers are perfect. I never used to like receiving flowers personally, but in more recent years there’s just something so endearing about receiving them. You can’t beat a big, colourful bouquet.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

You could have these delivered to the door or you could take them to your partner personally. I personally would recommend surprising your partner with the flowers.

4. A homemade meal

Another lovely and thoughtful idea would be to cook your significant other their favourite food. It could be breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner. Buy a fancy table cloth, a bottle of wine and some candles and you’ll be sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

You could even leave a little gift in the middle of the table or flowers.

This would be a night that your partner would keep close to their heart forever.


5. Jewellery

This gift idea would be perfect for that special lady in your life. You’ve heard the saying, diamonds are a girls best friend? There is a lot of truth in that saying. Although I would never discriminate – Men also like to receive jewellery. A nice, new watch never fails. My Fiancé loves his rings and necklaces – He personally likes plain, stainless steel jewellery.

You could personalise a piece of jewellery. This could be an engraved necklace with your initials on, a ring with your initals engraved on the inside or a personalised bracelet. If you want to add that personal touch, engraving is a good option.

I would highly recommend Pandora jewellery. Their jewellery is of good quality, it’s a well known brand and one of the more affordable options for jewellery. A really sweet idea would be a charm bracelet. You have then set yourself up for any future Anniversaries, Birthdays and Christmas presents, because you can buy the charms to go with the bracelet. If you recently went on a holiday together you could get her a suitcase charm or the seashell charm. If she loves Disney, you could get her one of the Disney charms, or you could just get her a heart charm to show how much you love her.

Pandora’s range of earrings and rings are also a good option.


Anniversary Gift Ideas


6. A photo album – An anniversary gift for the more sentimental significant other

What better gift than the gift of memories? I don’t know about you but I love looking through photos and I don’t mean on a phone, I mean actual photographs. A physcial copy. A gift like this would be perfect for sentimental people.

There are a few options for this gift idea – You could personalise a photo book on websites like Snapfish or Free Prints. All you need to do is add your photos and they do all of the hard work for you! You can usually find discount codes for these photobooks online too. These books are a lovely idea and it’s certainly a go-to idea for myself.

Another option for you would be to buy an album and print the photos off yourself. If you know your anniversary is coming up in a few months, you can download the Snapfish app and get 50 free prints a month which I always take advantage of! If you enjoy being creative this is an option for you.

My personal favourite is what I was gifted with on mine and my Fiancé‘s first year anniversary. He got me an Instax Mini Camera with an album to fill with my polaroids. This was hands down one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It was so thoughtful. I take my Instax camera with me everywhere, even now after 4 years. (And yes, I have filled the album to the brim!) You can get these cameras in blue, silver, white, pink, yellow. So this is an anniversary gift idea, perfect for both him and her!


Photo Album and Instax Mini

7. A surprise day out

Anniversary gift ideas don’t always have to be physical. Surprise your partner with a day out!

Is your partner a bit of a thrill seeker? Take them to Thorpe Park for the day. Are they a big foodie? Take them to their favourite restauraunt. Do they like shopping? Take them shopping somewhere they have never been before. You could plan a nice breakfast, move onto the day out and then book a table out somewhere for the evening and enjoy a few drinks together. Not only are you making your significant other feel special, you’re also creating memories. Give them a day that they will remember in years to come.

If you want to take it one step further, you could surprise them with a trip to Paris for the weekend. What better way to celebrate than in the city of love?


Summary Of Anniversary Gift Ideas

So those are my anniversary gift ideas, perfect for him and her. I hope that this gave you some inspiriation on making that special person smile.

What is the best gift you have ever received for an anniversary? Share this in the comments below.


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