I recently made a few purchases on Beauty Bay.

Since I now have a nice new desk to get ready at and actually sit and do my makeup, I decided to treat myself to some new beauty items, as it has been long overdue! Plus my makeup collection was getting pretty embarrassing!

I’m not really a big makeup fan, but I was keen to make an order.

The first item on my wish list was a set of nice new makeup brushes because my collection of brushes were looking a little worse for wear.

My brushes were old and I had thrown a lot of them out due to the quality. So after a bit of searching, I decided to purchase this brush set for £25. The thing I love about this brush set is that it comes with a travel case, which is great for me as I’m always back and fourth from my house to my boyfriends.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use them yet but they feel so soft and the quality seems impressive. I also love the design of them and they look perfect on my desk.

The next item I purchased was an eyeshadow palette. I’ve always wanted to try a good quality eye shadow palette as I do tend to go for cheaper palettes usually, and you can really tell the quality of cheaper palettes because the colours don’t stay vibrant and are not very pigmented. I’m really impressed with this palette. It cost me £23 and there’s a variety of 42 colours. I love the colour variety, they’re so bright and pigmented and there’s pretty much every colour you’d ever need.

Finally, I am such a huge fan of the Jeffrey Star lipsticks. The quality, the colours and the formula of the liquid lipsticks are amazing and they never fail to impress me. I ordered two colours – ‘Unicorn Blood’ and ‘Dominatrix’ at £16 each. I did have Unicorn Blood before, but I lost it when it slipped out of my pocket during an Uber journey last year! I just had to order another one. I love dark lipsticks so these colours are perfect for me, and I was so excited to try the Dominatrix shade!

I’m so happy with my purchases and will definitely be looking at making another order soon.

I will be reviewing these products on my blog soon, and letting you know what I think of them so keep your eyes peeled for these posts.

I will attached the links to these items below:

Eyeshadow Palette

Brush Set

Liquid Lipsticks

See you all on the next post,

Calluna X