Bedroom Transformation ♥

Bedroom Transformation ♥

Hi all!

For the last few weeks I have been in the process of decorating my bedroom.

It desperately needed done. As you can see from the pictures, it was cluttered and not very.. grown up! I had no storage for anything and I found myself trying to cram everything into my wardrobe. It wasn’t a very nice space to be in, and I had completely given up putting any effort, so it always looked a mess too. I had no proper tables to place my television, no chest of drawers, and I had so much junk stored under my bed. I didn’t even have a proper area to get ready, do my makeup etc. I just sat on the floor to do it!

(Before pictures)

I decided enough was enough. I’d been talking about sprucing my room up for months but had never actually committed to it. So I finally committed myself and I’m so glad I did. I decided I needed to completely de-clutter and have a clear out, repaint, change my wallpaper, get a new mattress as I had just about had enough of springs digging into my back! Part with my curtains which had been up for about 7 years, purchase some chest of drawers for additional storage and buy a desk so I had a place designated to get ready, and also to set my laptop up and write! It’s nice to have an area which you can set up as your work area, so you can get into the right frame of mind when you’re in that space. I was forever finding myself unmotivated.

So here is the outcome!

There’s still a few finishing touches to add, like a new lamp and a new rug. But I’m just so happy to finally have a comfortable space to work in and relax in!

I personally love the wallpaper, something really just to drew me to the wooden panel wallpapers. I originally wanted brick work but I did fall in love with this wallpaper. I’ve gone for grey, pastel and quite neutral colours.

What do you guys think? Leave your comments below!

See you soon,

Calluna X

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