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Blogging Motivation Tips

Blogging Motivation Tips

Blogging Motivation Tips


People blog for so many reasons – whether it’s work, fun or simply just a creative outlet. Whatever the reason, sometimes you may hit a wall. Life gets in the way, especially if blogging is not your main job. Once you hit that wall it can be difficult to recover from. So in this post I’ll be sharing blogging motivation tips, which will help you to avoid that dreaded wall.


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Change Your Blog Theme

My first tip is one I use myself quite frequently. When I’m stuck in a rut with blogging I love to change up the layout of my blog and try out a new theme. There’s something motivating about updating your blog so it looks new and shiny. WordPress has so many different themes available, especially if you’re on a business plan or self hosting.

I love scrolling through looking at all the different themes and seeing how they would look with my content. Something as simple as changing the layout could inspire you.



You could use this opportunity to re-brand your blog. Change your blog name, create a new logo, change your niche, focus on taking your blog down a new path and it may take you down a road of inspiration. When I was stuck in a rut with my blog last year, I made myself a logo, changed my blog name and decided to start making more quality content. I sat down to brainstorm my ideas and it really motivated me to start posting regularly again.


Write About Something You Love

Instead of writing about something you think people will like, write about something you actually like. Something you are passionate about. Something that will bring you joy. This may help you rediscover your love for blogging. It’s no wonder you’ve lost your love for blogging if you’re writing about things that you don’t enjoy!


Try Writing About A New Topic

This contradicts my last tip, I know! Writing about a new topic is fresh, it’s exciting and it may challenge you. This could motivate you to start blogging regularly again as you may discover your love for a new subject. It’s always good to challenge yourself, not only when it comes to blogging but life in general.


Plan and Schedule Content Ahead

This is something that can really help you when you’re close to hitting a wall. Make the most of the scheduling function WordPress offers! Sit down and dedicate 4-5 hours to write all of your blog content for the month or the next upcoming weeks. This will reduce some of the work for the upcoming weeks and give you time to relax. Put on your favourite music and let your mind drift into the blogging world.


Guest Blogging

Asking another content creator to create a post for your blog is another great idea to inspire you. Bringing in the thoughts, feelings and opinions of other bloggers will really spruce up your blog.


Take Photos For Your Blog

My final tip is to take some photos for your blog. Stock images are great but you can’t beat taking your own photos. If you’re a creative person like myself, this will really inspire you to start blogging again. Taking your own photos adds a more personal feel.


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Summary Of Blogging Motivation Tips

So those were my tips to motivate yourself to blog when you’ve hit a wall.

What do you do to motivate yourself? Share your ideas in the comments.

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