Blogmas #11 – What’s On My Christmas List?

Blogmas #11 – What’s On My Christmas List?

Blogmas #11 – What’s On My Christmas List?

Christmas lists are great – they make the Christmas gift buying process so much easier because you have something to work towards instead of guessing what someone may or may not like. This year myself and my family have made it all very easy for each other and we have just provided each other with a list of things we would like. So in this post I’ll be telling you what I have asked for this year.

1. Game Of Thrones Books

I love Game Of Thrones, I’m a big fan. I’ve seen every single season and was so sad when it ended. (Although I was very disappointed with the ending!) Apparently the books are so much better than the seasons and I wanted to do more reading in 2021 so I added the box book set to my Christmas list.

2. A Bullet Journal

Every year I ask for a diary. I always spend the first month of the year filling it in and then quickly give up. Don’t get me wrong I love writing – but I love the creativity of a bullet journal. I also love that there’s no pressure to fill it in. You fill it in as and when. You don’t necessarily have to use it as a diary. You can use it for to-do lists, meal planning, goals, little drawings, ideas! You can use it for so much so I’d love a bullet journal to start writing down all of my ideas.

I’ve also asked for some fine liners, water colour paints and highlighters to go with the journal.

3. Lush Shampoo and Conditioner

By now, you all know I’m a huge Lush fan. I have quite a collection of shower gels, bubble bars and bath bombs. One thing I have never really delved into are the Lush shampoos and conditioners. I am a curly girl so I am very careful with what I put on my hair! However I have recently tried the mini Wasabi Shan Kui shampoo and Candy Rain conditioner. I was really impressed with both products so I have asked my Mum for the bigger bottles.

4. Pandora Bracelet Safety Chain

The final thing on my list is a safety chain for my Pandora bracelet. Last Christmas my Fiancé gifted me with a Pandora bracelet and I got quite a few charms from other family members. So to prevent the charms falling off I have asked for a safety chain. I’ve needed one of these for quite some time now really, so I thought I would add this to my list.

Summary Of Blogmas #11 – What’s On My Christmas List?

So those are all the items on my Christmas list this year! Share in the comments what you have on your list.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you all on the next one.

Calluna X

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