Blogmas #12 – Christmas Hamper Ideas

Blogmas #12 – Christmas Hamper Ideas

Blogmas #12 – Christmas Hamper Ideas

When it comes to Christmas presents, you can’t go wrong with a good hamper. Hampers are a great idea if you’re struggling with what to get someone. They’re also an extremely thoughtful gift because you spend time putting them together.

This year I picked up a few different hampers for my Sister’s partners, as they’re just a nice small, thoughtful little gift to receive. In this post I’ll be sharing the hampers I have put together.

Tea Hamper

The first hamper I put together was a tea hamper. Every time we ask my Brother-In-Law if he wants a cup of tea (a question that is always asked in my household!) he always asks what tea bags we have. He likes to try different flavours and always mixes two different flavoured tea bags to come up with new flavours. So I thought that this tea hamper would be perfect for him.

It wasn’t too expensive to put together. I popped to the supermarket and straight to the tea and coffee aisle and picked out the nicest looking flavours.

It was quite a tight squeeze fitting all the tea boxes into the hamper basket because it is quite a small hamper – but when there’s a will there’s a way!

This hamper kit was from The Works, and cost me £4. It came with the cellophane and a cute tartan ribbon to wrap it with.

Goodies Hamper

This hamper idea is an obvious one. What better way to fill a hamper than with goodies? This hamper is for my other Brother-In-Law. He’s into the gym and lifting weights so I did include a protein bar and some jerky because he absolutely loves the stuff.

American Sweet Hamper

If you’re from America.. this would just be a sweet hamper to you! But for us Brits, American sweets are such a treat! Maybe you could make a British sweet hamper or a Japanese sweet hamper?

I created this hamper last year for my sister and her partner – last year I purchased bigger hampers so had more space to fill.

If you’re from the UK, there are so many shops that sell American sweets now. B & M, Poundland, even my local Morrison’s have an American sweet section. If you’re not from the UK, try looking online.

I also added some Twinkies, Pop Tarts and a box of Lucky Charms to this hamper. (The hamper in the picture wasn’t completely finished at this point, there will be a video of the finished product at the end of this post.)

Drinks Hamper

My final hamper idea is alcohol! You can’t go wrong with a bottle of alcohol – of course this hamper would be unsuitable for someone who doesn’t drink or an underage person, but for someone who enjoys a drink, this hamper idea is perfect.

Alcohol can be on the pricier side so I would say this hamper is more of an expensive idea, but you can make it cheaper by filling the hamper with mini bottles and mixers. For example – if you are gifting a hamper to a whiskey drinker you could also buy a few bottles of their favourite mixer and maybe a personalised glass or some accessories, like whiskey stones.

Last year we made my Fiancé’s Mum a gin hamper as she’s a huge lover of Gin. As you can see from the photos we also added a few accessories – like botanicals, a cute little gin sign, gin truffles and some different mixers to try. (The hamper in the picture wasn’t completely finished at this point, there will be a video of the finished product at the end of this post.)

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a spirit – you could make a hamper for a beer or cider lover too – which may work out cheaper! Here’s a photo of a cider hamper I made for my manager last year. I added all different flavours of cider for him to try – toffee apple cider, Parma violets flavoured cider, fruity cider and traditional apple cider. I also added a box set with a bottle of cider and a glass.


Summary Of Blogmas #12 – Christmas Hamper Ideas

So those were my hamper ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading.

There’s so much you can do with a hamper. Another good idea would be to make a craft hamper for a child in your family. Fill it with pencils, pads and colouring books. I think I’ll do this next year for my nephews!

Do you have any cool ideas for hampers? Share them in the comments below and remember to like this post.

Until the next post,

Calluna X


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