Blogmas #14 – 25 Self Care Winter Activities

Blogmas #14 – 25 Self Care Winter Activities

Blogmas #14 – 25 Self Care Winter Activities

**Before I start this post I wanted to say that I had actually scheduled this post for Friday 18th but for some reason.. it never posted! So this was meant to be my Friday post. I’m so disappointed 😫 For this reason, I’m going to be doing 2 posts today to make up for the lost day. I also wanted to remind you of my uploading schedule around Christmas. My last post will be on Wednesday 23rd. I will then be ‘breaking up’ for the Christmas period. I’ll be posting on the 29th, 30th and 31st December, where I will then be taking a break to relax into the New Year. I will resume with my usual schedule starting W/C 4th January**

In this post I’ll be sharing 25 self care activities for the Winter time.

Winter time can be a hard time for some people – people can suffer with S.A.D, the nights are dark, it’s cold outside and the end of another year is quickly approaching. It’s especially difficult this year, with all the stress and worry that has filled our lives. I always used to become very sad around New Years. I saw this as the end of another year and a reminder that time is going so quickly but I’ve changed my mindset over recent years. New Year is exciting! It’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones and welcome another year filled with happy memories.

It’s very important we look after our mental health which is why self care is extremely important. You need to take time to listen to your mind and body. Get out of work mode for a little bit and just slow down.

1. Watch A Christmas Movie

2. Take A Warm Bubble Bath

3. Make Hot Chocolate

4. Buy Yourself A Christmas Present

5. Have A Lie In

6. Order A Takeaway

7. Light A Scented Candle

8. Read A New Book

9. Start A New Series

10. Do Some Yoga

11. Snuggle Up On The Couch With A Blanket

12. Take A Nap

13. Write Out Christmas Cards

14. Try Baking A New Recipe

15. Wrap Gifts

16. Do A Puzzle

17. Write A To Do List To Get Motivated

18. Spend Time Away From Your Phone

19. Listen To A Podcast

20. FaceTime A Friend / Family Member

21. Declutter

22. Put The Fire On

23. Fill Up A Hot Water Bottle

24. Have A Pyjama Day

25. Go For A Walk

Summary Of 25 Self Care Winter Activities

Those were my 25 Winter Self Care activities. I hope you found some inspiration reading this post!

What are your favourite self care activities for the Winter time? Share them in the comments and remember to like this post.

See you on the next,

Calluna X

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