Blogmas #17 – Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

Blogmas #17 – Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

Blogmas #17 – Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

At the start of 2020 I wrote a blog post called ‘Goals We Can All Work Towards in 2020.’ You can read this post here.

I thought it would be nice to review this post and see if I followed my own advice! I love setting goals for myself and giving myself something to work towards. I always set myself goals whether it’s for a new year, a new month or just any old random day!

So what were my goals for 2020?

1) Visit Somewhere New In The World

I did achieve this goal this year which is shocking given the circumstances! We had originally planned to go to the Amalfi Coast this year in July which I was SO excited for but it obviously got cancelled. So we went to visit Devon Cliffs instead! Which is a seaside location in the UK. It was nice to visit somewhere new in my own country!

2. Learn A New Skill

I learnt two new skills this year! I learnt how to sew with a sewing machine and I started learning Greek. I love learning, putting my mind to work and challenging myself. I’d much rather sit and learn a new skill and work my brain rather than sit scrolling through my phone.

3. Try To Be More Positive

This is a tough one. I do feel like this year I have grown spiritually (Cue the eye rolls from skeptics..) I feel like I have been more positive, started meditating more and started to have a different outlook on life however I do feel like I could have tried harder on being more positive.

4. Drink More Water, Eat More Fruit And Vegetables And Try To Get More Exercise

I don’t feel like I’ve achieved this goal this year.. but come on.. everyone has splurged over the lockdown! I have to say though. in the last few weeks I’ve been drinking so much more water and filled my body with more nutritious foods so maybe this is the start of something new for 2021…

5. Do One Good Deed A Week

I haven’t done one good deed a week so I haven’t achieved this goal this year however I have started to do more good deeds and more for charity this year so it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Summary Of Blogmas #17 – Did I Achieve My 2020 Goals?

So how do you think I did?!

I’m actually proud of myself. I think I have achieved nearly all of these goals this year or at least made a step in the right direction. I did want to finish my book this year, as you know I’m an aspiring author but I still haven’t got around to it due to other goals and priorities cropping up here, there and everyone! Which by the way.. is not a bad thing at all.

Did you make any goals for 2020? Share them in the comments below and let us know how you got on!

See you on the next post and Merry Christmas!

Calluna X

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