Blogmas #2 – Ways We Can Give Back At Christmas

Blogmas #2 – Ways We Can Give Back At Christmas

Ways We Can Give Back At Christmas

Christmas is a time to think of other’s and bring joy to other people’s lives. It’s been a rough year for many, so this year especially I feel like it’s important to give back to those who need it.  So in this post I will be talking about different ways that we can all give back at Christmas time.

Good Samaritan’s Operation Christmas Child

The first thing I am going to be talking about is something I briefly mentioned in my naughty or nice tag – Operation Christmas Child. This is a great cause run by the Good Samaritan’s.

So what is Operation Christmas Child? It’s a really simple way to brighten Christmas for a child in need. All you need to do is find a shoebox, wrap it up in nice Christmas paper and fill it with little gifts. You then drop the box off at a local drop off point, with £5 to cover delivery costs. You base your box around the gender of the child and age group. I based mine around a little girl between the ages of 5 – 9.

I loved packing this box – I had so much fun picking things out of the shop for the little girl who will receive this.

You can even add a little message or a photo of yourself.

For more information click here. (The collection dates will be ending soon – if you don’t have time to pack a box you can build a box online which someone at Good Samaritan’s will pack for you)

There are many charities like this – another one is called Toys For Tots.

Make A Christmas Food Hamper

Another way you can give back this Christmas is by building a food hamper for somebody. If you have an elderly neighbour or know somebody struggling to afford food for their family – maybe somebody who has lost their job this year. You could buy a hamper kit and fill it with Christmas goodies. Christmas biscuits, gravy granules, tinned vegetables, mince pies, pasta, squash, soup, nuts, crisps, custard, Christmas pudding / cake and even fresh meat depending on how close to Christmas you are.

There are charities out there who can take these hampers off your hands and provide them to families in need or if you know someone you could give this to them personally. Another idea is to donate food to your local food bank.

Useful links –

Feeding families

Find your local food bank


Chat To An Elderly Person

If there hadn’t have been a pandemic take place this year, I’d have suggested you invite any elderly neighbours around to spend Christmas with you but given the circumstances this may not be the best idea so instead you could chat to an elderly person over the phone. There are a lot of lonely, elderly people out there who may have to spend Christmas alone. They may be spending their first year without their wife / husband or their children and grand-children live far away so they’re unable to visit.

Age UK provide a befriending business over the telephone which could make someone’s day / Christmas. Click here for more information.

Create A Care Package For A Homeless Person

The weather gets colder during Christmas time, especially in the UK and not everyone is fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads. One way you can give back at Christmas is by putting together a care package for a homeless person. Pack them a blanket, a toothbrush and toothpaste, warm socks, a hat and first aid items like plasters and antiseptic wipes.

Useful links –


How To Pack A Care Package


Buy Christmas Gifts from Small Independent Businesses

It has been a difficult year for businesses – especially small independent businesses and high street shops. I know Amazon is a no brainer – who can turn down next day delivery and cheaper items at the click of a button? It’s so convenient but we need to support smaller brands right now. Why not visit Etsy and support businesses who hand make their items, or pop down the road to that family run shop. Support, local and independent businesses who really need your custom.

Useful links –

Small business finder


Independent business directory


Feed A Shelter Dog / Cat Christmas Dinner

Finally… I can’t forget about my fury friends at Christmas time. Whenever I visit Pets At Home during Christmas time the cashier asks if I would like to donate a £1 to feed a shelter dog Christmas dinner. I always say yes in a heartbeat. After doing a little bit of research online, I’ve found that you can go online and donate to your local shelter to ensure dogs / cats are provided with a Christmas dinner.

Useful links –

Find your local rescue shelter

Animal meal donation


 Summary Of Ways We Can Give Back At Christmas

There are so many ways to give back at Christmas time – shopping at charity shops, donating to charities, buying your Christmas cards from charities, fundraising, volunteering at a soup kitchen or by simply raising awareness. The links I’ve provided are only a small snippet of how can you help others this Christmas.

Other useful / important links –

Festive Fundraising

Christmas Present Appeal

NSPCC Christmas Cards

NSPCC Letter From Santa

Christmas And Mental Health

ActionAid Christmas Cards

MacMillan Christmas Cards

Action For Children Secret Santa


How do you like to give back at Christmas time? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Stay safe and I’ll see you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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