Blogmas #3 – Homemade Lush Advent Calendar

Blogmas #3 – Homemade Lush Advent Calendar

Blogmas – Homemade Lush Advent Calendar

As a follower of my blog, you know I’m a die hard Lush fan! I’m not the only one – my sisters and my Mum are also big fans of Lush. As it was my Mum’s Birthday on December 1st we decided to make her, her very own Lush advent calendar.

You can buy advent calendars already made from Lush. They come in a really pretty box. I’ve never actually purchased one because I always thought they were so expensive – plus they are always out of stock and you have to pre-order them most of the time! Instead of buying one directly from Lush I thought it would be much more fun to make our own. It also worked out to be cheaper and we were able to pick our own products.

There are four of us so we all decided to put together to spread the cost as Lush products do not come cheap.


So what did we put in the bags?

I knew I wanted to put in some mini 100g shower gels because they’re the perfect advent calendar size and my Mum loves the shower gels. I also wanted to put in some products she had never tried before. She loves Snow Fairy, as most people do, so Snow Fairy products were also a no brainer.

  1. Snow Fairy Body Moisturiser – £9
  2. Yog Nog Shower Gel – £7
  3. Snowman Bath Bomb – £3.50
  4. Helping Hands – £9
  5. The Comforter Shower Bomb – £2.75
  6. Snow Fairy Showery Gel – £5
  7. Sea Spray Hair Spray – £13
  8. Roasting Chestnuts Shower Gel – £7
  9. Charity Pot Hand Moisturisers x2 – £2
  10. Plum Shower Bomb – £2.95
  11. Snow Fairy Bubble Bar – £5.95
  12. Lush Gift Card – £10
  13. All I Want For Christmas Is A Hippoptomus Bath Bomb – £2.95
  14. Snow Fairy Bath Bomb – £4.95
  15. The Comforter Shower Bomb – £2.75
  16. 7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe – £2
  17. Candy Cane Bubble Bar – £3.95
  18. Polar Bear Bubble Bar – £4.95
  19. Sleepy Shower Bomb – £2.75
  20. Not Sleepy Shower Bomb – £2.75
  21. Twilight Bath Bomb – £3.95
  22. Angel’s Delight Bath Bomb – £3.50
  23. Winter Garden Bath Bomb – £3.95
  24. Snow Fairy Shower Gel – £5

Total = £120.60


I originally wanted to place the products inside 24 Christmas themed cardboard boxes. I wanted boxes because they seemed sturdier and could be reused, but I just couldn’t find boxes that were big enough. They were sufficient in height but the width would always seem to small and we would have struggled to fit in bath bombs. I then came across a post by one of the blogs I follow ( suggesting to use clear plastic baubles which I loved the idea of! (Click here to view this blog post, it’s a really good read / idea and there’s also a video tutorial) I searched high and low for baubles that would be big enough but I couldn’t find any. If you’re opting for smaller products these two ideas would certainly be a good option.

In the end I opted for bags – which I was actually really happy with. They felt really good – sturdy and thick and I was really impressed with the quality. I loved the designs, they were adorable and came in 5 different designs. The bags fit in all the products I needed, so I was really happy with my purchase.

These bags could also be reused to store lush products in the future or my Mom could reuse them for Christmas gifts as I know she gets us girls Lush goodies for Christmas. (Can’t beat sustainability!)

I put the snow fairy products in the bags that were pink with the white snowflakes too – which I thought was a really cute touch.

The bags came with numbers to stick on them, little tags and adorable little wooden pegs.

On the products my Mom hadn’t used before I added a little tag with instructions on how to use it – but I told her not to read these tags until she opened the bag to see what’s inside.

 These bags cost £9.99 in total. I could have got these for much cheaper but I loved the accessories that the bags came with.

Value For Money

So how did our homemade advent calendar compare to the official Lush advent calendar?

The Lush advent calendar retails at £185. We spent £130.59, including the gift bags. So in total we saved £34.61.

The advantage of this is that the official Lush advent calendar sometimes includes smaller versions of the products, you’ve saved a little bit of money in the process and you’ve decided what products you want to include. So overall I would recommend making your own Lush advent calendar especially as I enjoyed putting it all together.

Summary Of Homemade Lush Advent Calendar

So that was my homemade Lush advent calendar! I think it’s definitely worth doing, especially if you want to save some pennies and get creative!

Have you ever had a go at making your own advent calendar? Share in the comments and remember to like this post and subscribe to my blog.

I’ll see you on the next post,

Calluna X

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