Blogmas #4 – Christmas Lock Down Activity Ideas

Blogmas #4 – Christmas Lock Down Activity Ideas

Blogmas #4 – Christmas Lock Down Activity Ideas

We are all familiar of a little term called Lock Down now! It’s all we’ve heard about this year – and for good reason. To keep our loved ones and other’s loved ones safe. As we approach the festive period we are all wondering how different things are going to be this year.

For my whole life I have visited my Grandparents for an evening spread on Christmas day but this year will be the first year I don’t see them – to keep them safe and healthy. It’s going to be so strange and upsetting. I know there’s going to be millions in the exact same position.

I also love Christmas outings – going to the Christmas market, shopping, going for nice meals, getting far too drunk at my Christmas work party and having a few drinks with friends. This year we’re all going to have to think outside the box a little bit and adapt to Christmas in a different way. So in this post I’ll be sharing some lock down activity ideas with you!


Christmas Arts and Crafts

My first idea is to delve into some Christmas arts and crafts. Even if you’re not the most artistic, it’s so relaxing to sit and focus on creating something. This is also great fun if you have children. You could even host a Zoom party with your friends and have a competition making something and you can all vote or nominate a judge to make the decision. You could make your own Christmas decorations – A Christmas Reef, Garland or Baubles. Get creative with some red glitter! You could make Christmas crackers or decorate your own Christmas stocking. You could even have a go at making your own Christmas jumper which would be great fun! Get some glue and stick down some sequins and fabric. The possibilities are endless! You could even make your own Christmas cards.

Links –

Eco DIY Wreath Kit

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers


Christmas Baking

My next idea is to do some baking. I could get lost in baking videos on YouTube! After watching baking videos for a few hours I feel like I’m on the Great British Bake Off and start making a mess of the kitchen. You could make Christmas cookies, your own Gingerbread house, a Candy Cane cheesecake or mince pies! You could bake with your children, partner, parents or friends on Zoom! Again you could make it into a competition, bake each other something and drop it off on their door step. You could all make the same recipe and just have fun with it!

Links –

Christmas Macaron Kit

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Mince Pie Recipe


Host A Christmas Quiz

Zoom quiz’s have been a big thing this year, it’s been one of the only ways we have been able to connect with our friends. No longer do nights out exist, communicating with your friends takes place on Zoom! So my next idea is to host a Christmas themed quiz in your household or over Zoom. Get your Santa hats and thinking caps ready! You could even make everyone wear their tackiest Christmas jumper for the quiz!

Links –

Christmas Quiz Questions

31 Christmas Trivia Questions


Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

This next idea is a no brainer – have a Christmas movie marathon! Spend the day watching all of your favourite Christmas films, pour yourself a hot chocolate and put on some fluffy socks.

You can’t beat a cosy day on the sofa in front of your TV to unwind and get into the Christmas spirit.


Experiment With Christmas Wrapping

My next activity idea is to get creative with your Christmas wrapping. Sit down, put on some festive music and get your gifts together. You could purchase some Christmas themed decorative items to stick on your wrapping paper, experiment with some big bows or try something new with your wrapping.

Watch a few YouTube tutorials and learn to gift wrap professionally. This will surely get you into the Christmas spirit, allow you to be creative and it would be a lot of fun for you! I know a lot of people hate wrapping gifts – it’s always fun at first until you get to your 5th present to wrap! So make it interesting for yourself.

Links –

45 Gift Wrapping Ideas

Personalised Wooden Gift Tags


Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland

I think everyone has had the same idea this year – putting the decorations up early! We all need a bit of Christmas cheer after this year! If you haven’t yet – put your decorations up. Go overboard! Decorate every room – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms! Put some festive fairy lights up around the room, wrap garlands around your bannister, hang a reef on the front door and fill a jar with candy canes. We all need to go a little overboard this year. Putting Christmas decorations up is such a fun activity, especially when Christmas music is playing.


Make Homemade Hot Cocoa

Have a go at making your own Christmas Hot Cocoa. Buy some marshmallows and whipped cream to top your cocoa with or prop a little candy cane on the side of your mug. Melt some chocolate and mix it with milk – have a go at adding some warming spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg or peppermint flavours would be perfect. Experiment with different flavours – White chocolate, flavoured chocolate or dark chocolate!

Links –

Christmas Cocoa Recipe

Spiced Christmas Hot Cocoa


Drive Around To Look At Christmas Lights

My next activity idea is to drive around looking at different Christmas lights. I love driving past the houses that plaster their homes in an array of colourful, flashing lights. There’s something about it that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. If you have children, this activity would be perfect. You could even make it into a game and you could get points for every inflatable Santa you see!


Play Board Games

This activity is my personal favourite – I LOVE board games. I could spend hours playing them. My personal favourite is Cluedo. We also love Cards Against Humanity, especially after a few drinks. (Not really a board game but it still counts!) Go dust off your old board games, put on some Christmas music, lay out some snacks and have fun!

If you live alone you could play an online game with your friends. Me and my partner have loved playing Among Us with our friends whilst videoing each other! You can play online Monopoly, online Cluedo and so many more!


Make A Christmas Playlist

My final activity idea is to create a Christmas playlist, ready for you to listen to when you’re in the mood for some Christmas cheer. You could be preparing this playlist for Christmas morning, maybe the evening time when you’re winding down or in the afternoon when you’re full swing playing games. Put all your favourite Christmas songs together and enjoy the festivities!


Summary Of Christmas Lock Down Activity Ideas

So those were my Christmas 2020 lockdown activity ideas – I hope you found some of these ideas inspiring or informative.

Do you have any ideas for activites over the festive period this year? Share these in the comments below. I think we could all use some ideas!


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