Blogmas #8 – Christmas Day In Our Household

Blogmas #8 – Christmas Day In Our Household

Blogmas #8 – Christmas Day In Our Household

I love Christmas – I love being around family, eating lots of good food and eating my body weight in chocolate. I just love that warm fuzzy feeling you get on Christmas morning – there’s an incredibly special atmosphere. Maybe it comes from the ‘Christmas magic’ we felt as children when the idea of Santa jumping down your chimney seemed believable.

I love hearing about how other people spend their Christmas! Some people go out for food at a restaurant, I know some people have a curry instead of a Christmas dinner! My Fiancé’s family always have a special prawn cocktail before dinner, as a starter. They don’t open their presents until later on in the day either!

So in this post I’ll be talking about Christmas traditions and how the day goes in our house!

Christmas Morning

When me and my siblings were very young, one of us would always wake up first and whoever woke up first would wake everyone else up. We would all sneak downstairs together and take a peek at the presents under the tree. We would carefully peak at the name tags on the gifts, and then run back upstairs to try and wake our Mum and Dad. Dad would always get up first – my Mum would take a little bit more convincing. I don’t blame her – it would usually be 5am / 6am in the morning and my parents used to stay up to the early hours of the morning wrapping our presents anyway. (One year they sat and played with my Brothers racing track whilst we all slept. They had set it up all around the house!) So usually they would be running on 1 hour of sleep.

Once my Mum was awake, we would all sit around the tree eagerly waiting as my Mum made us all a cup of tea, we would put the television on just as background noise. Usually some old Christmas film from the 60’s or 70’s. My Mum would sit and hand us a gift each. She had a specific order we had to open presents – just incase we opened a game before actually opening the console for said game.

Opening presents would usually take us around 3 hours because there were 4 of us, and we would never just go completely mad and open everything at once. We appreciated each present individually and we would each pile up our presents neatly next to us. My Dad would get the black bin bag at the ready and scoop up all the ripped open wrapping paper scrunched up across the floor. My Mum would have the camera at the ready and we would smile and hold up our presents. We have albums and albums of photographs from Christmas.

Now we’re all older and I’m the only sibling left living at home, things are a little bit different but we still carry the same traditions. We don’t get up so early anymore, in fact I try to have more of a lie in! When we do get up, we still put the television on and as usual it’s usually an old Christmas film. My Mum makes us a cup of tea, and we sit and open presents together. It doesn’t take as long anymore too luckily! We still do take a snap of each other holding up our presents though!

Christmas Afternoon

My Nan would always call us in the early afternoon to wish us all a Merry Christmas and this is about the time we would have finished unwrapping gifts. So we would each tell our Nan everything Santa has got us and we would tell her about Santa eating our mince pie and how we had left a carrot for Rudolph. We would spend hours playing with our toys – opening them up and setting them up with help from our Dad. Mum would usually start preparing dinner at this point too.

Now we’re older, after we have opened gifts, me and my Mum usually crack open the Prosecco and have a glass of Buck’s Fizz each. She starts dinner and I will stand chatting to her for a bit, help with dinner or I’ll take my gifts up to my bedroom and find a space for them. I have a little mini clear out to make room for any new products or candles and find a home for my new things. I’ll start getting ready for the day too.

The Rest Of The Family Will Arrive

This never happened when we were young as we all still lived at home and we didn’t have any other guests.

This has become more of a tradition as we have all gotten older and our family has extended with children and parters. In the afternoon, the rest of the family will usually make an appearance just in time for dinner.

I will hear the door open and the pitter patter of my dogs claws on the wooden floor in the hallway greeting our guests, as I’m getting ready upstairs. I’ll rush down to see everyone and say Merry Christmas and then go back upstairs to quickly finish getting ready whilst everyone settles down.

Once I’m ready, I’ll go downstairs and we will exchange gifts with the rest of the family. This is the time where the children open their gifts so we get to relive the Santa magic for a little while.

Christmas Dinner Time

Christmas Dinner never changes. We all cram around the table (it’s a lot harder to do now there’s more of us! So we have to spread out into the living room too) We pull crackers, put on silly party hats and make our way through the mountain of delicious food my Mum spends hours cooking.

There’s always a different range of desserts available for after dinner and my Mum always sets fire to a Christmas cake, every year without fail.

Mum’s never stop! Even on Christmas Day.

After Christmas Dinner

When we were young we would spend hours playing with our toys after dinner and stuffing our faces with chocolate (as if the dinner didn’t fill us up!) until it was time to visit our Grandparents. We would all choose which toys we wanted to show our Nan and Grandad and our Dad would drive us there. Our Cousin’s and extended family would always be visiting too.

My Nan would put on a spread with the help of my Mum and we would all tuck in. We would stay here until the early hours of the morning. The children usually found a spot to curl up in and go to sleep at around the 11pm mark. My spot was usually the floor, belly down next to the fire.

This is a tradition that has carried on into adulthood. We always spend a few hours letting our food settle, watching TV together or playing games. We wash up for our Mum now too. I still like to stuff my face with chocolate, some things never change..

We always visit my Grandparents once our Christmas dinners have settled. This time instead of us all in one car, we will go in separate cars with our partners. We still have an evening spread but as my Nan is quite poorly now, my Uncle usually does the bulk of the food with help from my Mum.

Now we’re older, we don’t stay at my Grandparent’s as late as we did when we were little as we have our partner’s families to visit too. I usually go to my Fiancé’s house after a few hours with my Grandparents and spend the remainder of Christmas with them, exchanging more gifts and drinking Bailey’s Hot Chocolate to unwind.

This is the time of the day when I start to feel a little bit sad that the day is over. You know it’s been a lovely day when you don’t want it to end.

Other Christmas Traditions

Some other Christmas traditions I had when I was little was wrapping tinsel around my ponytail when I went to school. I loved doing this.

I loved taking part in the Nativity Play – I was always an angel. One year I got asked to be Mary but I was too shy, so I didn’t want to.

When I was at school I always had packed lunch, but at Christmas time I got to have a Christmas School Dinner which I loved!

I feel like being a child and at school added so much Christmas joy. Whenever I think of Christmas, I feel the Christmas magic and excitement from my childhood and I think this is the case with most people!

Another Christmas tradition is wrapping a present for the dog to open. We have years and years worth of videos of our dogs opening presents – they’re exactly the same each year but we still like to keep a memory of it!

Summary Of Christmas Day In Our Household

So that is Christmas in a nutshell for me!

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Share them with me in the comments .

I hope you enjoyed reading this this post as much as I enjoyed writing it – it made me smile and feel extremely nostalgic.

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See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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