Blogtober – 10 Spooky Questions Halloween Tag 👻

Blogtober – 10 Spooky Questions Halloween Tag 👻

Blogtober – 10 Spooky Questions Halloween Tag

In this post I’ll be answering 10 spooky questions, ready to get into the Halloween spirit, in preparation for tomorrow.

Pumpkin Patch

I love a good old tag post – it feels nostalgic to write a tag post. It takes me back to how blogging used to be.

I also love tags as they allow the reader to get to know the blogger. I feel like tags give different bloggers the opportunity to connect with each other too. So feel free to use answer these questions!

Without further ado, let’s get to the questions!

1. What’s your favourite Halloween movie?

Without a doubt – Hocus Pocus. This is a film that all ages can enjoy, it’s not too scary or gory for the little ones and I feel like mature audiences can also appreciate the hidden humour in this film. It’s a perfect family film and I have to watch it every year! It gets me right in the mood for Halloween.

2. What’s your favourite Halloween costume?

My favourite Halloween costume ever was when I dressed up as Chucky’s bride! I love the Chucky films and was obsessed when I was younger. One year I put on a white prom dress, a leather jacket, a blonde wig and carried my Chucky doll around with me. It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo, but here are a few photos of some of the costumes I’ve dressed up as in the past! (They’re not all scary.. I do like dressing up as comic book characters..)

The Purge
Wonder Woman

3. What’s your favourite thing to do on Halloween?

I love baking and watching scary films! One year I made brain cake which I was super proud of.

Brain cake

4. Freddy Vs Jason?

Freddy all the way! I love how comical Freddy is, and the fact he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Although.. I hate the remake of Nightmare On Elm street!

Meeting Freddy and Jason

5. Post a picture of your favourite pumpkin carving

I carved this a few years ago and it’s my absolute favourite design I’ve ever carved!

Haunted house pumpkin carving

6. What is your favourite Halloween memory?

Halloween is very nostalgic for me. It reminds me of when my Mom used to dress us up in black bin bags, fake blood and witches hats. We used to have friends / neighbours over and we’d bob for apples. That is my absolute favourite memory of Halloween.

7. What is your favourite Halloween treat?

Candy apples! Whenever I see candy apples in the shops, it gets me right in the mood for Halloween.

Candy Apple

8. Do you like horror films? If so what’s your favourite type of horror film?

Hell yes! I love all things horror. My favourite type of horror films are old slasher films.

My Chucky dolls
Horror T-shirts

9. What is your favourite thing about Halloween?

I’m not going to lie.. the Halloween range of Lush bath bombs!! And just Autumn in general.

10. Trick or Treat?

Trick. 😈

My Halloween pal


That was my 10 spooky questions Halloween tag! I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my pictures.

Feel free to do this tag yourself and comment below and let me know if you do so I can check it out.

See you all on the next post!

Stay spooky,

Calluna X

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