Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #1 Arachnophobic

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #1 Arachnophobic

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #1 Arachnophobic

As it’s officially Halloween week, I want to base all of my posts this week around everything Halloween! These posts are going to be labelled as ‘Blogtober!’

I will be creating a few Halloween inspired makeup looks, and this is my first look. I call this Arachnophobic because spiders were my inspiration.

When I started planning this makeup, I really wanted to use purple and grey colours. I love purple and grey together and have not really experimented with these two colours before. It’s quite a simple makeup look to do, the most complex part was drawing the spider webs with my liquid eyeliner. My tip for this is to make sure you dry out the brush so only a small amount of eyeliner is being applied, as opposed to applying too much and it dripping across your face. The less eyeliner on your brush, the better! The spider web winged eyeliner was my main idea for this look.

I was contemplating a black lip, but in the end I decided to stick with the theme of purple and applied this dark purple NYX liquid lipstick.

To spice things up even more, I added a purple tint to my eyebrows – I used purple eyeshadow and just filled in the starts of my brows.

I was super happy with how this look turned out and would look great to wear to work if you wanted to celebrate Halloween without dressing up.

If this look is a bit ‘too much’ for you, I also created a softer version of this. I removed the dark purple lipstick and applied a pastel coloured purple instead. This lipstick is ‘Deceased’ by Jeffree Star. I removed the purple tint from my eyebrows and the spider webs.

This is a much more subtle look, and something I’d probably wear as my everyday makeup!

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Stay spooky!

Calluna X

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