Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #2 Intergalactic

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #2 Intergalactic

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #2 Intergalactic

In this post I will be sharing my next Halloween makeup look with you. I originally intended to do a ghost themed makeup look – focusing on white colours. But this look actually ended up completely different and actually reminds me of outer space, UFO’s and spaceships; hence the name!

It’s actually a really easy look to achieve – I started by priming my eyes and coating my lids in white eyeshadow. I added highlighter in the very corner of my eyes to break up the solid block of matte white eyeshadow before applying a white eyeliner to my waterline.

After this, I started on my liquid eyeliner. I knew exactly how I wanted my eyeliner – this eyeliner style has recently gotten a lot more popular but I’ve never actually tried achieving this look myself until now. It was daunting at first and I was worried about achieving the correct shape but it was surprisingly easy. Something to quickly add – this eyeliner style is perfect for hooded eyelids! I have hooded eyelids and a lot of the time eyeliner doesn’t look quite right on me, but this eyeliner style was so flattering for the shape of my eyes.

I feel like this eyeliner made the look less ‘ghost like’ and more intergalactic, like I should be in Star Wars or something. This look would look even better with a white liquid eyeliner added to the outside of the black liquid eyeliner – unfortunately I didn’t have white eyeliner.

To finish the look, I added highlighter to my face, bronzer and lip balm with a dab of white powder across my lips.

The Look


What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll see you all on the next post,

Stay spooky!

Calluna X

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