Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #3 Puddin’

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #3 Puddin’

Blogtober – Halloween Makeup Look #3 Puddin’

For my last Halloween look I thought long and hard about what to base the look around. Then it occurred to me – who is an iconic character with iconic makeup and has become a popular Halloween costume choice over recent years? Of course it’s the one and only Harley Quinn!

I didn’t want to go for the typical pink and blue makeup with the eyeliner heart though – that’s been done a million times and everyone and their cousin have tried this makeup. So I tried to think more outside of the box. I decided I would style the makeup around her classic red and black outfit instead.

I stuck with the theme of having two different coloured eyeshadows to play with – the obvious colours being red and black. My favourite part about this look is the black diamond eyeliner shapes drawn on the red eye. This is what really makes the look – they were quite tricky to draw well though! My advice would be to make sure you have a precise eyeliner brush and wipe of the excess eyeliner.

On the red eye, I was quite messy with my eyeshadow fall out as I wanted to wipe this across my face to achieve a red hue.

I finished the look off with a dark red lipstick – which is ‘Doninatrix’ by Jeffree Star.

The Look


So that was my Harley Quinn look!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

See you on the next post and remember to stay spooky,

Calluna X

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