Blogtober – Lush Halloween Bath ‘Bat Art’

Blogtober – Lush Halloween Bath ‘Bat Art’

Blogtober – Lush Halloween Bath ‘Bat Art’

This will be my last Blogtober post as it’s the last day of the Halloween week! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween 🎃 The highlight of my Halloween was my Lush bath! I had been saving this bat bath bomb from Lush especially for Halloween and I was not disappointed. I also put on a Lush face mask and used the shower gel Sleepy which smells like lavender and is so creamy to apply. I poured myself a glass of large, lemon flavoured gin and sat back in the purple glittery water to relax.

After my bath we watched ‘Joker’ – which is a favourite of mine. It’s a very unsettling film which made it perfect for Halloween.

In the bath 🛀

This bath bomb was so much fun to watch dissolve. An array of glittery purple fog clouded the water. After all the purple had filled the bath, pastel pinks and blues started to fill the bath too. The bath bomb didn’t fizz a lot, it gently dissolved.

The smell of this bath bomb reminded me of Radox combined with a rich perfume – it was a very clean scent and filled the house.

This has probably been one of my favourite Lush bath bombs. I loved the glittery water!

I applied the ‘Beauty Sleep’ face mask by Lush which has been amazing for my skin and smells heavenly. I could sit with this cooling, creamy mask on my face all day just to sniff it.

I then cleansed my face using the ‘Angels On Bare Skin’ by Lush which is an absolute favourite of mine – it leaves my skin feeling so soft and balanced.

To finish my bath I smothered myself in the ‘Sleepy’ shower gel which smells like rich lavender.


That is how I spent my Halloween! I love baths and I love Lush products, especially at the moment as we spend more time at home. I like to find ways to find joy by spending more time at home, and treating myself to Lush has definitely lifted my mood and has given me something to look forward to whilst being at home. Waiting for the deliveries excitingly and trying different bath bombs and products is so much fun.

What did you do for Halloween?!

Remember to like this post and I’ll see you all on the next!

Stay spooky!

Calluna X

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