Hi everyone!

So today I decided to style my new camo trousers which I purchased from Bershka. I fell in love with these trousers, and I’ve been looking for some camo trousers for so long so I had to get these!

So since camo trousers are pretty eye catching as they are and have a lot going on with the pattern and colours, I decided to add a plain black top since I didn’t want too much going on. You will see from the pictures I changed my top because I couldn’t find a bra suitable for one of the tops haha! So I changed, let’s just ignore that! I also added my Dr Martens which are my go to shoes at the moment for autumn. You can also add a cute beanie which I decided to do on one of the photos. A fedora hat would look perfect too!

What do you guys think?

If you would like to purchase these trousers I’ll add the link for you here ❤️

I’ll see you all on the next post!

Calluna X