DIY ‘Clueless’ Style Yellow Tartan Skirt

My latest project is this yellow Clueless style tartan skirt.. which has probably been the most complex but favourite garment I have made so far! I love this style of skirt and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’m also in the process of making a matching top.. but unfortunately I ran out of yellow thread! I started […]

DIY Shirred Bandeau

I purchased this pretty pink floral fabric and thought about what I could make with it.. and I came across a technique called ‘shirring.’ After watching a YouTube video I decided to put this fabric to use as shirring looked simple enough. All I needed was elastic thread to place in the bobbin compartment so off I went to purchase […]

DIY Wrap Gingham Skirt

Can you tell I’ve been loving making my own garments recently?! What gave it away.. my 3 DIY posts in a row?! I feel like my blog will start to take the direction of more fashion related posts. Especially towards making my own clothes – Ethical clothing and sustainability is the big thing at the moment. So what better way […]

DIY Floral Halter Neck Top

I recently made this super easy DIY halter neck top with this adorable, baby blue fabric which only cost me 99p! I recently purchased a few new fabrics from a fabric clearance selection.. which is basically the last few scraps from the fabric roll. As I had limited fabric to work with, I decided to go for a simple design […]