Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Hair Oil

Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Protein Treatments My favourite thing to buy are hair products. Clothes shopping? That doesn’t interest me. Makeup? Maybe, sometimes. Hair products? Yes! All day, every day. I love treating myself to hair products. I treat my hair like silk. (Apart from a few torturous straightening sessions now and then..) If there’s one […]

Black Star Collection – My New Shoes 🖤

The other day.. I was walking through town and spotted through the window of Deichmann the MOST perfect pair of shoes. I instantly fell in love with them, but I didn’t pick them up. So low and behold, a few days later I found myself ordering the shoes online. I love these shoes because I don’t currently have anything like […]