Charity/thrift shop haul – Topshop, Hollister, Boohoo

Charity/thrift shop haul – Topshop, Hollister, Boohoo

I always used to find myself wandering around charity shops finding absolute gems.

There’s something so satisfying about finding that one item of clothing that is 1) a great brand 2) In perfect condition, and 3) The best part is, you get the clothing for less than half the price. (Most of the time!)

I hadn’t been on a good charity shopping spree in so long, so I decided it was time and I found some absolute gems. So in this post I am going to show you what I found and how I have styled these items.

The first item I purchased was this dungaree dress, which is originally from Boohoo and I got it for only £8.99! The dress is still in perfect condition.

Dunagree dresses are a must-have for summer and I’ve said this in a previous post but dungaree dresses are not only perfect for summer but they are great for winter, styled with a chunky jumper, a pair of tights and a chunky pair of boots.

I also picked up this yellow top, originally from Hollister. This is also still in perfect condition. This top only cost me £3.50 which is an absolute bargain for a Hollister item of clothing. I love the style of this, especially around the chest area.

I styled the top and dungarees together with a pair of fishnet tights, bulky boots and adorable sunflower clips.

I love the summer vibes this outfit is giving me.

The next item I picked up was this pencil skirt, originally from Primark.

This is just a standard black pencil skirt, which is an essential for any wardrobe. They can be styled in so many ways – Dress this up for a smart outfit or style this with a pair of Dr Martens and band tee for a more casual look. Pencil skirts are so versatile! This only cost me £3.99.

I decided to style this skirt with a band t-shirt and a pair of black heels for a classier, yet alternative look. This outfit would look great to go out to dinner or for cocktails.

The next item I picked up is actually one of my favourites from the shopping trip and this item is a pair of Topshop Joni jeans in this lovely maroon/burgundy colour.

Would you believe these jeans were only £1.99!! What an absolute steal, I had to pick them up. I’m a huge lover of Topshop Joni jeans.

The charity shop I purchased these from had so many pairs of Topshop jeans, and most of them still had the original tags on them! I would have picked up more, but I do have far too many jeans.

I also picked up this sheer black oversized shirt which is also from Topshop. There is a small rip near the buttons, but you can barely see this.

This only cost me £2.24 and would look great styled over a dress or jeans and a top. I may even purchase some studs and add them to the collar to make this top that little bit ‘extra.’ I love sprucing up my clothes like this.

I styled the jeans and top together with this fishnet top from PrettyLittleThing. I love how the shirt adds a final touch to this outfit.

The last item I picked up are these trousers from Next. They cost me £4.49.

I had a look in mind when I picked up these trousers in the charity shop, however when I got home I really regret picking them up…but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and after styling them I absolutely fell in love with them! I love the style of these trousers!

They don’t look as good on the hanger as they do actually on, but trust me, when you see the outfit I have put together you will see what I mean.

I decided to style these trousers with an oversized blazer, a black boob tube and my thick, chunky Dr Martens. I also added a belt to add that extra something to the outfit. A chained belt would look amazing with this outfit! I wish I had one for this look.

I am absolutely in love with these trousers and am so glad I followed my instinct and picked them up!

I will be visiting the charity shops again very soon as I love styling these clothes.

What outfit did you like the most? Let me know in the comments and like this post if you enjoyed reading.

I’ll see you on the next post!

Calluna X


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