Christmas and New Years 2019

Christmas and New Years 2019

So once again, Christmas has come and gone. It’s always bittersweet to see the back of another year – Bitter because sometimes it’s hard to let go when you’ve had such an amazing year but sweet as there’s so much the next year holds for you.

2019 was incredible for me, in fact ever since 2016, each year has just got better and better for me. When I don’t think the next year could top the last, it always does. So I have high hopes for 2020 and I’m sure it will bring even more happiness and even more dreams.

Christmas was just so peaceful and relaxing, as always. It’s always lovely to just relax with the people you love, eat amazing food, spoil your loved ones and just take life easy for a few days.

I spent my Christmas doing all of the above, and I was once again spoilt by my loved ones and received some lovely gifts, including a new pair of Pandora earrings, a Pandora bracelet and charms, a beautiful black fur coat, a back pack, Lush goodies, candles, a gift voucher for Outfit which I used on a lovely new leather skirt from Topshop, a skull to add my skull collection and a new pair of Dr Marten sandals. I received a lot of other lovely presents too but I’ll possibly be writing a separate ‘what I got for Christmas post’ soon ^_^

I also went to the Christmas pantomime, went for a Christmas meal out with my Fiancé, went shopping for another Pandora charm and absolutely binge watched the new season of You! Which by the way, I would recommend.

For New Years, we went for an Indian and I had the best Chicken Madras ever. After that, we went back home, played games, listened to music and made our own cocktails, Jell-O shots and a vodka and gin infused watermelon.

So I hope you enjoy my photos and I wish you all the happiness in 2020!

See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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