Clothing Alterations – Cutting off the sleeves and cropping my Iron Maiden dress

Clothing Alterations – Cutting off the sleeves and cropping my Iron Maiden dress

I think it’s safe to say..I have an obsession with cutting up my clothes. Especially band t-shirts and dresses. Band tee’s usually come in quite a basic t-shirt style, and I find basic t-shirts quite.. well.. basic!! I also find them unflattering on myself. I don’t do basic and I don’t do unflattering, so give me 10 minutes with my scissors and I can completely give a T-shirt a completely different look.

I recently cut up ALL of my band tees and I also had an AC/DC dress which was rather unflattering on me.. so I never wore it. Low and behold.. I cut it up into a cropped t-shirt and now I love wearing it!

The same goes for this Iron Maiden dress. I rather like this dress, and I styled this on a previous blog post HOWEVER I had to wrap a belt around the middle of it because it was just so frumpy and oversized, and quite frankly I thought this dress had way more potential. I was completely right.

The first thing I started with was the sleeves. They were the first to go. I was fed up of how baggy they were! So I cut them off.

I then noticed that the dress had a sheer mesh over the top of it.. which was what inspired my design. I planned to crop the actually dress underneath the mesh, so it looked like a crop top, but I wanted to keep the mesh as a long dress. I knew this would look so unique and add something special to the dress.

I was so happy with how this was looking but there was one final touch that needed to be added.

The final touch was to cut a slit either side of the mesh so the dress had a split side effect. My cutting got a little messy doing this.. but I was so happy with the result!

So then it came to styling the dress. I designed this so that it would look great with a skirt, a pair of shorts or even a pair of jeans.

I decided to go for a summery/spring look and styled this dress with some denim shorts.

I’m so happy with how this turned out and I am in love with the design. It’s so unique and different.

I definitely want to start buying cheap clothes off eBay and the charity shops to cut them up and come up with more designs. I just love bringing an old, unloved piece of clothing back to life.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll definitely create more of these posts if you enjoyed reading!

See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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