Day in the life
Day in pictures #1 💗

Day in pictures #1 💗

Another rainy day in England. Autumn is here. I’m not minding the colder weather though which is a change.

Another day at the office, sushi at my desk and break times with my work pals make it a little more enjoyable though. There was a cake sale at work, raising money for the British Heart Foundation. But sadly I’m on a diet so couldn’t enjoy that.

4 o’clock finish which means going home to cuddle my dog and spend a little bit of time with him and then of course a coffee and a relaxing bath!

And of course to finish the day off.. a nice cold beer.

My boyfriend also made me a beautiful bacon and egg bagel for the morning after when I was a little hungover, of course haha. And obviously a coffee too.

My new fish eye lense also!

Until the next post

Rosie oxoxoxoxox

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