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Days In Pictures #14 – Hello December πŸ’ 🎁

Days In Pictures #14 – Hello December πŸ’ 🎁

What screams Christmas more than a huge carvery?

My boyfriend got me beautiful flowers! 🌹

My advent calendar! My room has been so cosy with these flickering away.

Christmas shopping.. and I guess Christmas Camels are a thing now?

shed and wrapped (most of them) my Christmas shopping in 4 days!

w Jeffree Star lipsticks came.. so I took a moment to admire my collection. 😍

Started back on a very strict diet as I have gained weight. This is one of the healthy delicious meals I made! (This was obviously days after that huge carvery! No more of those for me)

I started pole dancing lessons! But I have no pictures of that, so have mine and my boyfriends matching gym bottles since we have been to the gym a lot recently too!

And of course spent time with this handsome little fur ball 😍

See you on my next post guys!!



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