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Days In Pictures #9 – Being Healthy 💕💗

Days In Pictures #9 – Being Healthy 💕💗

So I’ve had such a healthy and positive week so far! My eating has been pretty good. I’ve always hated the taste and texture of avocado but when I paired it with ham/chicken and crackers it tastes absolutely incredible so I’ve been having that everyday for my lunch! It’s so good! And healthy..especially the low fat, Ryvita crackers ..they go perfectly together. I’ve snacked on bananas, drank lots of green tea and water, not ate any junk food.. but my personal favourite meal of all is the salmon with the two poached eggs on top. It’s so healthy, full of protein and omega 3. I could eat it everyday! I’ve also been to the gym everyday this week so far and will carry on to!

So many pumpkins! So Halloweeny! 🎃

Had a very cosy night in with the family and mom cooked us all a meal. This is the most unhealthy meal I’ve had all week.

Went to the gym looking very pink haha!
That’s pretty much the last few days in a nutshell!

See you on the next post!



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