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Days In Pictures – Kitties & Cooking 😺🥣

Days In Pictures – Kitties & Cooking 😺🥣

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘days in pictures’ post!

These are my favourite posts to do because I love looking back at them in months to come. I love making memories, and even cherish the simple things which is why I post even tiny trivial details like what I ate, what the weather was like, what makeup I wore etc. Plus these posts are so easy because they allow me to just go about my everyday life and post about it!

I’ve never been the greatest cook, so recently on Friday nights I have been cooking something new each week. I’ve been using the BBC good food website and I’ve been really enjoying making new recipes, including healthy ‘oven cooked’ fried chicken, and curries. These pictures are of the home made king coated spicy prawns and a Spanish seafood paella, which were both delicious! I made the paella using a fish stock, prawns, muscles and squid!

We found a fledgling pigeon who was struggling to fly and we couldn’t find his Mom anywhere. We spent a few days looking after him and feeding him, and he eventually flew away and found his momma again! I called him scruffy. ^_^

We took the dog on a walk and sat outside drinking a Costa. I tried the bonfire night hot chocolate. I wasn’t a huge fan if I’m honest. The weather is getting much colder again now too.

Because the weather is getting colder again, it’s time for cosy nights and candles!

And no cosy night is complete without kitty snuggles!

The cold weather also means the Yankee Candle Autumn range!! My favourite. I fell in love with this scent.

I had my nails done! I did ask for a nude colour.. and they gave me pink. I still like them either way.

I went to my sisters to spend time with my nephews and her. She made a lovely home made chicken pie.

It was Macmillan coffee morning at work, so to raise money, we made cakes and played games. I brought in a fruit salad though because I’m trying to be healthy! (I lost 2lbs this week!!) however, I did crack and end up having a slice of mint aero cheesecake.

I had a photoshoot (Photos coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled) I was really happy with how my hair and makeup turned out. ^^

And that is what I have been up to this week!

What have you all been up to?

See you soon,

Calluna X

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