Desk Tour – Workspace & Vanity Area

Desk Tour – Workspace & Vanity Area

A desk is an essential part to any home or bedroom. It’s good to have a place where you can focus on work, a place that keeps your head ‘in the game’, a place where you can take a seat and you know you mean business.

I love my desk and I spend a lot of time sitting there. As my desk is located in my bedroom I also use it for vanity purposes, so when I came to purchase it, I had a list of specifications in mind.

First, I needed a long drawer to keep all of my makeup products and I also needed a cupboard to keep paperwork, products and maybe a printer going forward.

Obviously I went to Ikea to purchase this desk. Their furniture is reasonably priced and the quality isn’t bad for the price either. All of my bedroom furniture is from Ikea, so it only made sense to keep up with that theme.

So there I was strolling around Ikea and I set my eyes upon this desk. You could buy it with the tall back or without. This was an additional part you could purchase with the desk. I just HAD to purchase this additional part. There is additional shelving and there is also place to stick a mirror onto the back. (As you can see from the photos.)

In my drawer I purchased these small baskets which cost me £1 from B&M (A shop in the UK, where you go in the store wanting only 1 or 2 items and then come out an hour later £200 down) In this drawer I store all of my makeup, makeup palettes, facial products, hair products, facial washes, hair brushes etc. Basically anything that will fit in there! It’s super convenient and everything is easily accessible. I love having everything in one place.

On my actual desk I keep my laptop, any relevant books that I need, my makeup brushes, perfumes, my favourite lipsticks and decorative fake flowers. (Because I can’t be trusted to keep real ones alive…) Of course I have my illuminated No7 mirror which I could not live without! I use the illuminated mirror for makeup and then the mirrors on the back of my desk for my hair.

On my top shelf I keep my jewellery box, a skull candle holder, a glass skull pen holder with an obnoxiously fluffy pen inside, a deer head which I use to hold all of my chokers and of course a light up H. (H for Heather!)

In my cupboard I keep all of my hair products and showering products, and I also keep my facial cleanser, razors (in that little skull) and a basket with my hair dryer and straighteners in.

I do have a smaller drawer above this cupboard, however this is the famous drawer everyone has in their house, you know the one that’s filled with rubbish like batteries, spare pens, spare wires, medicine etc. You seriously don’t want to see that though..

I do have another few decorative skulls on my other shelves too. What can I say.. I’m a crazy skull lady.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and exploring my desk. Hopefully it gave you some inspiration to create your own little work space!

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See you all on the next post!

Calluna x

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