DIY Floral Halter Neck Top

DIY Floral Halter Neck Top

I recently made this super easy DIY halter neck top with this adorable, baby blue fabric which only cost me 99p!

I recently purchased a few new fabrics from a fabric clearance selection.. which is basically the last few scraps from the fabric roll.

As I had limited fabric to work with, I decided to go for a simple design which didn’t require too much fabric and this was super easy to make. As I’m a beginner, I definitely would recommend this as one of your starting projects. It only requires 4 pieces of fabric. 1 piece for the bodice, 1 for the fabric that wraps around your neck, and two pieces of fabric to tie around your back, which are sewn onto the bodice

I’m so happy with how this top turned out. It’s so sweet and I can’t wait to wear this in the summer time.

I even had a little bit of spare fabric so I was able to make a matching skirt..

The best part is..this whole outfit only cost me 99p!! The perks of making your own clothes!

I’ve got a haul post coming soon, showing you what fabrics I have recently purchased and to show you the new sewing machine which I have treated myself too.

I also have some more travel content coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

What do you guys think of this outfit? I think it’s simple but cute!

See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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