DIY Wrap Gingham Skirt

DIY Wrap Gingham Skirt

Can you tell I’ve been loving making my own garments recently?!

What gave it away.. my 3 DIY posts in a row?!

I feel like my blog will start to take the direction of more fashion related posts. Especially towards making my own clothes – Ethical clothing and sustainability is the big thing at the moment. So what better way to ensure you’re following a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle by making your own clothes!

It also saves so much money. Which is great for people like me who hate spending money.

I am however extremely passionate about travel and it’s my life goal to travel the world so expect my usual travel posts. I am putting on hold my travel posts at the moment though – especially as my next post was a 4 day Rome itinerary which is not completely appropriate at the moment given what is happening in the world.

So for now, I wanted to show you this adorable skirt I made out of this yellow gingham fabric which cost me £3. I even have enough fabric to make a matching top!

This was my first attempt at making a skirt like this – At the moment I’m trying to make a different range of garments to practice different styles of stitching. I chose to make this skirt as it required ‘gathering’ around the frills of the skirt, which turned out to be a really fun technique!

This skirt is quite simple to make. You will need two pieces of fabric for the front, one piece for the back, two pieces of fabric to create the frilly parts on the front of the skirt, a piece of fabric for the waist band and two long pieces of fabric for the ties.

This skirt will look perfect with a black boob tube or strappy top, or even a matching top in the same fabric! (Which I plan I making next.)

This will look so cute on holiday and is giving me major summer vibes.

Leave a comment if you would like to see a tutorial of this skirt!

What do you guys think?

I’ll see you all on the next post,

Calluna X

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