Do Denman Brushes Work?

Do Denman Brushes Work?

Do Denman Brushes Work?

Do Denman brushes work? A question I found myself googling before purchasing one. After a quick browse, I realized that most of reviews were very positive, so I made my order. I’ve been wanting to try a Denman brush for quite some time but I was apprehensive. Surely a brush can’t define your curl pattern?

For a short while I started using my Tangle Teezer but my curls didn’t look any more defined. I wondered, if a Tangle Teezer doesn’t work, how can a Denman brush work? Well my first mistake was not realizing how different Tangle Teezers and Denman brushes are. They are two completely different brush types and I soon realized this after using the Denman. Tangle Teezers have much softer bristles than Denman brushes – I find my hair doesn’t adapt as well to a Tangle Teezer than it is has to the Denman brush.

Do Denman Brushes Work?

What Is A Denman Brush?

Denman brushes are mainly used within the curly hair / natural hair community. They help to detangle hair whilst defining curl pattern. Denman brushes can also be used when straightening / blow drying your hair and have really positive reviews when used on straight hair. Denman brushes help to achieve a sleek, smooth look without using a hair straightener.

There’s a variety of brushes you can choose from – from 7 rows of bristles to 9 rows. You can even buy paddle brushes or smaller brushes.

I purchased the 9 row D4 Denman brush, which works perfectly for me.

See the full Denman range by clicking here.

First Impression

I ordered my Denman brush from the local Afro Caribbean hair shop for £7.99. You can order these brushes online or you could check out your local hair / beauty shop. Try to avoid ordering from Amazon, as a lot of reviews say the brushes are fake. So if you do order from Amazon – be sure to read the reviews first.

I was so excited when my brush arrived. It’s a sturdy brush, with hard plastic bristles. I need something sturdy for my hair, as the bristles in my brush usually have a habit of falling out, or the little plastic balls on the end of the bristles fall off and brushing turns into a rather painful job.

When I first used my Denman brush, I was brushing a protein treatment through my hair. The brush made it’s way through my hair snag free and smoothly, but my protein treatment was very conditioning so it’s no surprise the brush glided through my strands easily. (It’s always best to detangle your hair when soaked in conditioner anyway.)

What really impressed me was how quickly my curls started to form after brushing. My curls instantly started to take shape and the curls were so defined and clumped together nicely.


Do Denman Brushes Work?

How To Use

The best way to use a Denman brush is to detangle your hair during your shower – ensure your hair is soaked in conditioner and work your way through the hair from bottom to top. Once you’re out of the shower, put any products you need to in. If you have any oils, leave in conditioners or heat protectants, apply these whilst your hair is wet.

I personally add leave in conditioner, flax seed gel and a little bit of argon oil. You can then brush the product through your hair using your Denman brush.

Brush your hair in smaller sections, brushing upwards towards the ceiling. Allow your hair to fall from the brush and you will see the curls instantly starting to form. I brush upwards as this gives me more volume. This is the same for straight hair too, if you like more volume brush upwards. (Remember that all hair is different, so what works for me may not work for you, it’s all about trying new things and experimenting with different methods of styling.)

It’s really easy!

Why Denman?

The thing that makes Denman brushes stand out compared to normal brushes is the fact you can remove rows of bristles. This is perfect if you have naturally curly hair, as you can completely personalize this brush to your curl pattern. If you prefer thicker clumps of curls, you can remove a few of the rows. If you prefer small clumps of defined curls you can leave all the rows in. This is something I’m still experimenting with at the moment, but I am really enjoying having all rows on my brush.


Denman Brush


What Are The Cons?

A lot of the reviews I have read online say that Denman brushes cause a lot of shedding. Shedding is a completely natural process. On average we lose between 50 – 100 hairs a day. They’ve got to go somewhere! What better place to get caught than on your brush? I don’t brush my hair whilst it’s dry, only when it’s wet, so if I don’t wet / style my hair for 3 days, that’s potentially 300 hairs that are instantly going to gather in the bristles of my brush. So far I haven’t seen any shedding that is out of the ordinary for me.

The second con I have seen people mention is the shrinkage Denman brushes cause. Shrinkage is common with curly hair. Our hair isn’t going to be as long curly, as it is straight. Of course it wouldn’t – the hair strand is coiled up! It’s basic science! Believe it not – shrinkage is healthy! It means your curls are healthy and defined. I hate when my hair doesn’t shrink, it means my curls are thirsty, flaccid and frizzy. So I am happy to welcome as much shrinkage as possible! If shrinkage is something you would rather avoid, I would not recommend a Denman brush.


Denman Brush

Denman Brush

Denman Brush


Summary Of Do Denman Brushes Work?

Overall I am really happy with my Denman brush and it’s definitely improved the quality of my curls. It really is a game changer and I would highly recommend anyone with any hair type to considering purchasing one. My curls have been so beautiful and defined since using the Denman brush, and I will never look at back at the Tangle Teezer or normal brushes again.

Have you ever used a Denman brush before? Share your thoughts in the comments and remember to subscribe for weekly hair, beauty and lifestyle content.


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