Dr Marten Unboxing – Arcadian Jadon and Glitter Sandals

Dr Marten Unboxing – Arcadian Jadon and Glitter Sandals

I’ve only ever had one pair of Dr Martens. I had a traditional black leather pair for my fourteenth birthday, back when Dr Martens only cost £40-£50. Those were the days right? I wish they still only cost that much. I am now 23 years old, so my Dr Martens are 9 years old. They are truly a durable boot and a lifelong shoe. They are still going strong however they now look much more worn. They have truly been broken in, and have been through a lot! Like walking 10 miles around Rome and saving me from falling on my butt in the snow/ice!

I still adore these shoes and they are probably my most worn pair of shoes, however I have been contemplating treating myself to a new pair for quite some time now. And I thought as a Christmas treat to myself I would actually go ahead and buy a pair.

I knew the exact style that I wanted. It had to be the Jadon boot, as I’m a huge fan of a thick sole.

I had my heart set on a black glittery pair, or a white pair. But after seeing these in the shop, I knew they were the ones for me. I love the rustic, subtle red, and I knew it would be a colour that could go with anything.

I was nervous about wearing the boots for the first time, as I know Dr Martens are a pain to break in. It had been so long since I had a brand new pair that I’d forgotten about that pinching feeling on my feet, but after wearing these for the night they are actually really comfortable and only started rubbing slightly when I put them back on the next day. They rubbed against the back of my heel however I’ve experienced no rubbing around my ankles which is a good start! They are so bouncy to walk on, too.

I thought with Dr Martens it would be best to size down, so in the shop I initially tried on a size 4, but it was far too tight, so I’d say these shoes are definetely true to size and I ordered size 5.

They didn’t have this particular boot in stock in the store so I ordered the shoes in store, and because of this I got a 10% discount – which is always a bonus at Christmas time. I’m really happy with my purchase and I know these boots will last me a seriously long time!

My next pair of new Dr Martens are the glitter sandals.

I’ve been interested in the sandals for quite some time now, and was actually going to order a pair for my holiday back in June last year, but in the end I just never got around to ordering them, due to the price. I just love how the sandals look, they are chunky, just my style and would look great with a nice summery dress or shorts.

So for Christmas I was gifted the glittery black pair which I just absolutely love! They are going to look great in the summer and I’ve actually just booked my summer holidays for 2020 and am already eager to plan my outfits with these.

The thing that attracted me to the Dr Marten sandals is the fact that each year.. I buy myself a new pair of sandals for holiday, and they never seem to last – by the end of the holiday they are falling apart! My mentality was to buy a cheap pair each year, but I decided it would be better to invest in a decent pair which would last. From my experience Dr Martens really do last a life time, so I really wanted to give the sandals a try too.

For the sandals I did size down to a size 4 – which is what I would recommend for the sandals. They fit perfectly and they’re so comfortable.

If you’re looking into purchasing a pair of Dr Martens I would definitely recommend just biting the bullet and treating yourself! They have some great pairs in the sale at the moment.

Do you have a pair of Dr Martens? If so, how do you like to style them? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to like this post if you found it useful.

See you on the next post!

Calluna X

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