Easy Ways To Save More Money – My 5 Tips

Easy Ways To Save More Money – My 5 Tips

In this post I will be sharing 5 easy ways to save more money. A few years back I was struggling financially. The idea of saving money was just an alien concept to me. I was in my overdraft, in a poorly paid job and struggling to pay for a financed car. The idea of saving for a house was daunting. Especially when I would check my bank after payday and still be greeted by the dreaded minus sign. Admittingly I had it a lot easier as I was still living at home so my finances didn’t need to be stretched out too far. Luckily I didn’t go down the route of credit cards but I didn’t know where to even start in order to get into a better position with my finances.

Fast forward to today and I am saving for a house. I should be in the position to buy my first home with my Fiance next year, I am much more sensible with my money and I no longer have to look at that dreaded minus figure when I open my online banking.

So today I’m going to be sharing 5 easy ways to save more money.

5 Easy Ways To Save More Money

1. Start small

You don’t have to be saving hundreds and hundreds of pounds / dollars / euros or wherever you are, a month! This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to saving. We tend to take a ‘go big or go home’ approach, but that’s not the case. I also understand that everyone’s financial situations are completely different.

Start by saving £2 a week if you have to – that’s a start. It’s better than nothing. First it will get you into the habit of saving and putting that small amount of money aside each week. Even if you save £10 a month – that’s £120 a year, over 3 years that’s £360. Yes it may seem small, but that’s £360 you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t have taken that initial step to start saving.

The more you can put away the better, but don’t push yourself too much so you’re left short. Put away an amount that is comfortable for you. If you start putting too much away, that’s when you get into the habit of dipping into what you have saved and this is a habit you want to avoid. You need to leave yourself with enough money that you don’t feel the need to dip into those savings.

2. Sacrifice luxuries to save more money

This ties into the last step in a way. The more you sacrifice, the more money you will save. Here’s an example – I used to get acrylic nails every 2/3 weeks. This cost £20. It might not seem like a lot of money to some people however added up over the year, it turned out to be a lot of money. In total we’re looking at £400+ just on nails! Thats £400 towards paying off that credit card, putting towards your savings or towards a deposit for a property.

Another bad habit I used to have is ordering fast food, all the time. We’re all guilty of this. It’s convenient, it tastes good and it’s a guilty pleasure but looking back at my bank statements over the years, the amount of money spent on fast food added up over the years shocked me. All that money (which admittingly was probably worth it at the time) flushed down the toilet.

3. Cut down your direct debits

It’s time! It’s time to cancel that gym membership that you never use. Cancel that Netflix subscription which everyone seems to use but you. Cancel that magazine subscription or that subscription box you accidentally signed up to months ago.

This is an important step in saving more money as this reduces your outgoings each month. As a result you will have more money to play with and as a result you will be able to save more money. Have a goal in mind. Budget your outgoings. If you currently have £600 worth of outgoings coming out of your bank each month, try to reduce this to £500. This will give you an extra £100 to save. Think logically about what you can and can’t reduce. 

Instead of going to the gym, go for a run. Buy the boxset of the series you have been binge watching on Netflix. It will work out cheaper in the long run.

Do you have a financed car which is bleeding you dry each month? It’s time to look into cheaper options. Apply for a personal loan with lower interest rates and lower monthly installments and pay off your finance contract.

Is your car insurance coming up for renewal? Shop around, find cheaper quotes. I would personally recommend MoneySuperMarket. They always offer me the cheapest quotes.

Is your phone contract coming up for renewal? Do you really need a new phone? Or could you move over to SIM only which is a much cheaper option?

These are just a few examples of how I have reduced my outgoings massively, over the years.

4. Find additional sources of income

If you have more income, you will be able to save more money.

When I was at my lowest in terms of finances, I still wanted to go on my holidays, meals out and days out. To fund this I got myself a second job. I used my salary from my main job to pay for all of my direct debits, any holidays then I would live off my wages from my Saturday job. I would pick up an extra £50-£60 a week, which I would use for petrol, food, money for going out so I wouldn’t even need to touch my salary. This was a pretty miserable time for me. I barely had any time for myself or to see my loved ones, but it was temporary to help support me until I could find a better paid job.

Could you get a second job? Just temporarily until you’ve reached your goal savings? Even if this is for just 5 hours a week? Another option is overtime. You could ask your work place if they need any additional staff for overtime? This is something I often do myself  to bump up my wages if I have any holidays coming up or if Christmas is around the corner.

If neither of these are possible, there are more options – You could sell your unwanted things. Set up an eBay account or even a Depop account and sell your old clothes. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? If you play an instrument you could offer lessons. If you knit or crochet you could make baby blankets or wall hangings and open an Etsy shop. Are you good at drawing? You could take custom orders from people and draw their pets / loved ones.

5. Set up a saving account and give it a name to motivate you

I thought long and hard about what I wanted the last tip to be. At first I thought ‘keep track of all your incomings and outgoings and write everything down.’ Doing this allows you to really be in control of your finances but then I thought no – it’s cliché. So then I thought ‘be smart with your money’ – buy cheaper options at the supermarket and suggest alternative plans with friends when they ask you to go out for food. Try inviting them to your house and cooking food for them instead, but again it’s cliché. So I had a light bulb moment and thought of something that really helped me.

I am a very visual person. I like to see my goals infront of me. So if you’re a visual person too this tip will work perfectly for you.

Set up a savings account – Obviously this is a no brainer when saving but the important part is naming it. If you’re saving for a new car, name your savings account after the car you want to buy. Make as many savings account as you want and name them all. This really motivates me. I love opening my online banking to see my savings and I feel so satisifed when I see my money building up over time.

Imagine you’re about to buy a new pair of shoes but before you do, you quickly check your bank. You see your savings account that is named after your dream car. Instead of buying the shoes you put the money you would have spent on the shoes into your dream car fund because you’re reminded that you should be saving. It’s simple yet so effective.

5 Easy Ways To Save More Money

Summary of Easy Ways To Save More Money

So those are my tips on 5 easy ways to save more money. I hope you found this information helpful.

What are your tips for saving money? Help each other out and share your ideas in the comments.


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      There is an app I use called Monzo, its available here in the UK not sure about anywhere else. But it allows you to round up what you spend on it, so if you spend £3.50 you can tell it to round it up to £4.00 and save the 50p. I think that is such a great way to save money without even realising!
      So many good tips here 😊 thank you for sharing!

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