Essential Products For Curly Hair

Essential Products For Curly Hair

Finding the right hair products for your hair type can be difficult at the best of times – Throw curly hair into the equation and things get much more complicated! Curls have a mind of their own, what works for one person may not work for someone else. The thing is – straight hair is just straight hair. It’s pretty straight forward (No pun intended) it can only go one way pretty much, but things are different when it comes to curly hair. There’s so many different types of curls, loose curls, tight curls, frizzy curls, coiled curls. There’s so many different products for different types of curls. Some people can’t use sulfates, however some people find that it doesn’t affect their curls at all, some people find that certain products weigh their hair down whereas with other people – The more product the better. It can be a completely different experience for each person.

I have been on my curly hair journey ever since I discovered I had a natural wave 3 years ago. Eventually my hair became curlier and curlier the more I discovered how to look after it. Even now – I am still discovering what works for my hair, and even now I abuse my hair by straightening it for months at time!

I can find a product that works great on my hair and really defines my curls but then one day, it often just stops working for me. Your hair gets used to certain products so your curls just become limp and lifeless again, that’s when you know it’s time to switch your products up. I’m always experimenting with new products, however I usually just seem to go back to the same three products.

In this post I will be sharing with you what products have worked best for me and what every curly haired person’s essential products should be.

Curl activators / styling creams

The most important product for me is a styling cream – Something I put in daily to define and moisturize my curls. If I didn’t use these products my hair would become a frizzy mess. This for me is the most essential product and I love experimenting with different brands, however I do tend to always go back to 3 certain products.

Twisted Sister Curl Activator Cream, Cantu Curl Activator Cream or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. These products are great and I would highly recommend them. 1) They smell incredible 2) They do not weigh my hair down at all 3) They define and moisturize my hair bringing out the best in my curls.

As I said, I’m always trying out new products. At the moment I’m trying out the Cantu Wave Whip curling mousse however there’s nothing special about this product and so far – I’m not really enjoying using this product.


A good quality shampoo and conditioner

I am currently using the Mane ‘N Tail shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used this stuff before and it is good quality. These products are used on horse tails and manes. (Hence the name..) Now, you’ve seen how thick, long and beautiful horse hair is.. Well that’s the idea with this shampoo and conditioner! It adds moisture to your hair and gives it a thicker look. It’s also meant to promote hair growth, however I don’t believe that you can speed up hair growth with products. I think that is purely down to genetics. I do notice my hair is a lot thicker when I use these products though.

I would also highly recommend the shea moisture black castor shampoo and coconut conditioner – I have just finished using my bottles and this stuff lasted me months. The best thing about this shampoo and conditioner is that they do not contain any harsh chemicals or sulfates. However my hair doesn’t mind sulfates and it doesn’t affect my curls too much but I still do try to avoid using them where possible. (The Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner both have sulfates and harsh chemicals in, I do like to switch my products up time to time though, as I said curly hair gets used to certain products and after a while they aren’t as effective)


Hair Diffuser

If curly hair is diffused correctly, it can be really effective. Diffusing can really define curls and add volume. For a while I took to air drying my hair – However I got fed up of leaving the house with wet hair. I never felt like I had truly finished getting ready as I was always waiting for hair to dry after I left the house, so I started to diffuse my hair again. It’s so much more convenient to be able to dry my hair in 10 minutes and the process adds so much volume to my curls.


Leave In Conditioner

Something I am quite new to, is leave in conditioner. Now I have started to use a leave in conditioner, I will never go back.

I would really recommend the Shea Moisture Black Castor leave in conditioner. This stuff is so good and a little goes a long way.

I’m curently using a leave in conditioner by Garnier and it smells like bananas! I love this because you only have to walk into a room and everyone will instantly smell the banana fragrance.


Edge Control Gel

Edge control gel is something I have only just started to use, and there’s no turning back now! If I don’t gel down my edges, the look isn’t complete. Just by simply adding an edge control gel, you get a completely different look and your hair stays in place all day.

I have recently just been using a normal hair wax which I found in my bathroom cabinet funnily enough, however I have purchased an actual gel made for holding down edges and it smells incredible and upon first impression this stuff is good!


A Microfibre Towel

I know, I know..It’s cliché.. But it works, okay?! Towels are extremely rough on your hair, they cause breakage and frizz. Ever since I have been using a microfibre towel or even an old t-shirt, my frizz has completely reduced. My curls come out so much prettier. Even if your hair is straight, I would recommend purchasing a microfibre towel. They only cost a couple of pounds on Amazon, and they are so worth it.


So that completes my essential curly hair product list. Is there anything you would add to this list? Share this in the comments below and like this post if you found some useful information. And remember, continue to experiment until you find the products perfect for you! What’s the worst that can happen? Apart from your hair falling out..

Just kidding!

See you on the next post,

Calluna X




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