Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Hair Oil

Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Hair Oil

Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Protein Treatments

My favourite thing to buy are hair products. Clothes shopping? That doesn’t interest me. Makeup? Maybe, sometimes. Hair products? Yes! All day, every day. I love treating myself to hair products. I treat my hair like silk. (Apart from a few torturous straightening sessions now and then..)

If there’s one thing I’m willing to invest money on – it’s my hair. I have to! If I don’t, my hair snaps and I’m greeted by a family of split ends. I have a very awkward hair type – thick, coarse, frizzy, bushy, curly hair. (Thanks Mum and Dad..)

With the right products and a bit of love and care I can turn my frizzy mess of a hair into beautifully defined curls. Curly hair does have a mind of its own, so I do like trying new products to see what my hair likes the most. So when I found out my local hair shop was doing home deliveries, I jumped online to make an order!



Denman Brush

The first product I ordered was a Denman Brush. Honestly, I was curious. Every single curly hair video on YouTube included a Denman brush. I was apprehensive. It’s just a brush! How can a brush define curls? Your curl pattern can’t change just by brushing your hair.. surely? The Denman brush has so many good reviews.

I haven’t properly used the brush just yet so I can’t leave a full review, however when I was brushing my protein treatment through my hair, my hair instantly started to bounce up into beautiful curls. So I’m really impressed so far. 

This brush cost me £7.99 in total. I’ve wanted it for quite some time but I’ve avoided ordering this from Amazon as the reviews said the brush was fake. So when I saw this on the website I didn’t hesitate to add it to my basket. 


Vatika Egg Protein Treatment 

My hair has been lacking some protein recently. I can tell by the way my curl pattern has been sitting. With natural hair, it’s important to balance protein and moisture. So I was on the look out for a protein treatment. I’ve actually used this egg protein treatment by Vatika before, and I really liked it. So I added this to my basket. 

This mask is really hydrating and perfect for dry, split hair. It smells lovely and if applied to wet hair, a small amount of product will go far. 

This protein treatment cost me £5.99 in total. 


Shea Moisture Makuna Honey and Yogurt Conditioner 

I love Shea Moisture and I’m a big fan of the Shea Moisture line. This is actually a new line Shea Moisture have recently brought out so I was excited to try it.  

Shea Moisture use clean ingredients, which is why this brand is a personal favourite of mine. I love the ingredients they add to their products, and my hair love them too! This conditioner leaves my curls looking moisturized and frizz free. 

This conditioner cost £9.99 in total – this seems quite pricey however they do last a long time. I’ve been using a Shea Moisture shampoo which is the same sized bottle and I’ve had it for 2 months now, and I’ve still got over half of the bottle left. 



Vatika Argan Oil 

My hairdresser has been recommending Argan oil to me for quite some time now. I am a huge fan of oils anyway – I love Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil so I was keen to try Argan oil. 

I picked up this Vatika Argan Oil for only £3.69 – this is why I love the local hair shops, their products are so much cheaper than the high street shops. 

Applying oil to your hair is so important – it’s not only good for your split ends but you can massage it into your scalp and promote hair growth. 




Summary Of Hair Haul – Denman Brush, Shea Moisture and Protein Treatments


I will be writing reviews on these products soon, but so far I am impressed. I purchased all of these products from the local Afro-Caribbean hair shop. They sell wigs, extensions, hair products and hair accessories. I will link the products below (these links are not directed to the shop I purchased them from as this may give my location away, so I have found them on different websites, so the prices will vary to what I have stated in this post) – 

Denman Brush

Shea Moisture Makuna Honey and Yogurt Conditioner

Argan Oil

Vatika Egg Mask


What are your favourite hair products?


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