How I Dyed My Hair From Brown To Purple – Without Bleach 💜

How I Dyed My Hair From Brown To Purple – Without Bleach 💜

Back when I was in school, I was forever dying my hair crazy colours. Each week my hair would be a different colour. I think at one point I had at least 6 different colours in at one time. It was all fun and games until my hair broke off completely and I was left with broken strands all over the place. I never touched bleach again. Ever since then I’ve been growing out my natural colour, then dying it black/dark brown, then growing out my natural colour again. What can I say apart from my mind changes like the wind… however I will never change my mind on the fact I want long hair! I’m currently in the process of growing my hair long.. yes I’m talking butt length. And honestly, that is more important to me than having all these funky colours. I guess as you get older your priorities change.. and the most important thing in your life isn’t choosing what colour to dye your hair.. it’s paying your bills and going out to work!

But! I am only human, and I do get extremely bored with my hair at times.. so I wanted to experiment again. You know, spur of the moment thing.. which leads me to this post! Plus my ends were getting split even though I was treating my hair practically like gold. Using sulphate free shampoos/conditioners, not using heat on my hair, sleeping on a silk pillowcase, deep conditioning.. yada yada! But due to my hair type I’m just prone to split ends. So I thought.. screw it. I’ve been good to my hair.. I’m dying it!

My favourite colour hair I ever had was either blue or purple. Blue would be too hard to achieve without bleaching, and bleaching was certainly not an option! I know that purple hair can be quite easy to achieve and I didn’t want it too bright anyway! I wanted quite a subtle dark purple. So I decided.. purple it is!

So the first dye I put on my hair was a colour I had been eyeing up for a while.

Amethyst chrome! A dark and metallic purple.

However.. the result was.. disappointing? It was really dark for one day, and then just started to fade so quickly!

(None of the pictures attached of my hair are edited for a true representation of the colour)

So for this dye.. I would not recommend. It was just a really dull colour. HOWEVER! It did give me a really good base for the next dye I was going to use.

So eventually.. my hair faded to this brown hair still had slight purple/red undertones.

At this point I was questioning whether to even put another purple colour on or just shove a black dye over it. But I gave it one more shot.. and I picked a different shade of purple.

I picked this colour.. ‘ Ultra Violet.’

I chose this because it was a lighter shade of purple and I didn’t realise until I put the dye on my hair, that this dye also lifts hair colour.

After I dyed my hair using this.. I did notice my ends were a little dry. This may because I left it on for 2 and a half hours because I got side tracked googling pension schemes (as every 23 year old does?) or because this is a stronger dye due to the colour lifting – I don’t know, but I’m getting my hair trimmed on Saturday anyway to say bye to those nasty split ends. (I already had split ends before dying my hair, the dye just made my hair slightly dryer. Nothing a bit of serum can’t fix!)

But.. I have to say I am so happy with the outcome of this! I adore the colour. I’m actually so surprised at how vibrant this colour turned out. The photos I have taken do not do the colour justice and it’s much brighter in person.

So.. if you are thinking of dying your hair purple without bleaching. I would definitely recommend this dye. The colour is stunning and I can’t stop looking at it!

My next steps are to gradually get brighter now I have a good base to work with. I want to try using brighter brands of hair dye (Directions, Arctic Fox) since they aren’t as harsh on your hair and see if I can gradually make this colour brighter overtime. I did originally want to stay quite dark and subtle but after seeing how gorgeous this colour is.. I want to go brighter!

Be sure to leave any tips you have in the comments for how to dye hair crazy and funky colours without bleach. The amount of research I did before dying my hair to actually find out if it was possible to do this, is crazy. I couldn’t find anything helpful or informative! Which is why I have created this post.

(The next few photos do have a filter on so hair colour may not be accurate.. you know, gotta get that blog aesthetic..)

I hope you found this post informative, I’ll see you on the next one!

Calluna X

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