How I Style And Enhance My Natural Curls 💗💜

How I Style And Enhance My Natural Curls 💗💜

Hi guys! 

My apologies that this post is a day late, I’ve been working on some new ideas so do bare with me please. ^-^
This post is about my naturally curly hair and how I enhance the curls to look nicer. I actually am not a huge fan of my natural hair, hence why I have it straight 90% of the time. But when I do wear my hair curly it’s so much easier and faster. I don’t have to worry about the rain making it frizzy, or the wind making it curl at the ends like it does when it’s straight. I also get a lot of compliments when it’s curly.
So here is my hair straight…

And here it is curly…..

I start with freshly washed hair, and the first step is to add serum to stop frizzing! Naturally curly hair tends to be rather frizzy which isn’t a good look. 

Any serum would work fine but I use John Frieda. 

I also use this Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, now… I would be absolutely lost without this product! It makes my curls so much tighter and defined. Be careful not to use too much though as it does have a tendency to weigh the hair down, especially if you have finer and thinner hair. Mine is rather thick so it takes well. I apply this by scrunching my hair up in my hands in a fast motion.  

I let my hair air dry for a while, you know, get a cup of tea, do your makeup, clean your bedroom etc. I’m sure you have ways to pass time! But when the hair is only slightly wet that’s when it’s time to diffuse to finish off the drying process.

I got this diffuser for £13 from the local Argos. So you can pick them up prett cheap. With my one hand I will scrunch the hair up into bundles, and my other hand I will hold the diffuser and gather hair inside the cupping area and push the hair up and down using the diffuser. 

To finish add a little more serum, you want the hair to look well moisturised and not too dry..

Fluff it up around the roots to add extra volume and then you’re done!
A tip I can give is to always scrunch your hair in a cupping motion, never brush your curls, and also experiment with different products until you find the one that suits your hair type. I definitely want to try the ‘Twisted Sista’ products next! 
What do you guys think, do you prefer straight hair or curly hair?

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