How To Love Your Bare Face

How To Love Your Bare Face

How To Love Your Bare Face

In this post I’ll be talking about how to love your bare, makeup free, natural face.

Makeup is great! Wearing makeup is a fun way to express yourself. It’s a creative outlet, a career for some people and let’s face it.. it’s fun to put on! Who doesn’t love sitting down and creating new looks and trying out new products?

Makeup gives some people a boost of confidence too – which is great, and if you feel confident with or without makeup and it makes no difference to you then that is amazing too! This post is for the people who struggle to see their beauty beyond the makeup. You look great with makeup on but you are also very beautiful without. So in this post I’ll be sharing my advice with you, in hopes I can help you get on a path to start loving yourself as you are.

There was a time I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. Thinking back I realise how sad this is. Not sad as in pathetic – I mean genuinely sad that I and other people can feel this way. I have learnt that everyone is beautiful, including myself. I love the things people class as ‘flaws’ – a little mole, a crease in your skin that’s visible even when your face is relaxed, a birthmark or freckles. I love those little details. Those details are unique to you as an individual. They’re yours. Everyone can achieve a contoured, glam Instagram baddie look, but not everyone can have your shaped nose or the freckle on your cheek.

1. A Good Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is key when it comes to loving your natural face. Instead of spending money on makeup products that irritate and clog up your skin, buy products to improve and hydrate your skin. If you take good care of your skin, you’ll instantly feel more confident and you’ll have a special glow about you. If you have problematic skin, try to fix this instead of covering it up.

So find a skincare routine that works for you.

2. Stay Away From Social Media

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’

I think social media has a lot of benefits, it’s connected people, opened up opportunities and helped people meet new friends. However social media does have a lot of negatives (especially Instagram). One negative being how false everyone is – people only post the best parts of their lives, so others are comparing their ‘behind the scenes’ life to someone else’s highlights when really none of what you see on Instagram is real. So how does this relate to loving your natural self? Well… the airbrushed skin, the perfect lighting, the fact that the person had to take 50 photos before getting the right one, the filters and the different angles. Have you heard of face tune? None of it is real life. It’s fake, all a set up.

I feel like this is damaging people so much, especially our younger generations. They’re going to grow up extremely disappointed and unhappy because they will never look like that. I can assure you, these influencers have pores, texture, spots and red patches just like you! Not even they look like they do in their photos! So put down social media, try to follow things that make you happy. Seeing these images may make you feel you have to look a certain way and do your makeup a certain way but you are beautiful as you are! The sooner people realise how fake it all is; the better!

3. Have More Makeup Free Days

I love makeup free days! I’ve been making the most of them during lockdown. Now is the perfect time to have more makeup free days as we spend more time indoors.

Not only is this good for your skin, to give it some breathing space but also allows you to embrace your natural face in the comfort of your own home. Eventually you will become more confident in yourself.

Start the day with your skincare routine, clean your face with refreshing cold water and you’re good to go! You’ll soon realise how much time you save too, which is so convenient especially if you’re in a rush or have a busy day.

4. Get Your Hair Done / Do Something Pretty With Your Hair

I know what you’re thinking – what has hair got to do with skin care? Well there is a method to my madness!

I feel like when your hair is looking really good – bouncy, healthy and shiny – you instantly feel more confident. Let’s face it, whenever you come out of a salon you feel a million dollars. I feel like when your hair looks good it takes the focus away from your face – suddenly it doesn’t really matter what your face looks like because your hair looks so good!

5. Cut Makeup Out Gradually

Instead of going full cold turkey and leaving the house with a bare face, do this as a gradual process. This is what I did and it worked a charm. Drop the contouring first, then drop the eyeshadow, and the eyebrows until eventually you’re only leaving the house with mascara, concealer, bronzer and lipstick.

This will help you get used to the transition, and you will get more confident over time. You could even look up some natural makeup tutorials on Youtube.

6. Smile!

My final tip is to smile. You could never look bad when you have a smile on your face. You will radiate confidence if you smile and hold your head high.

Final Thoughts

I once met this gorgeous lady who was in her 40s – I kid you not she looked in her 20’s! She was vibrant and so positive. She was glowing! I asked what her secret was – she said to always smile and drinks lots of water.

What lovely advice! This is a piece of advice I have always followed and wanted to share with you all.

Remember there’s much more to life than the way you look, it’s how you feel inside, but I do hope this post helped you and you enjoyed reading.

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See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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