How To Stay Organised

How To Stay Organised

How To Stay Organised

In this post I’ll be sharing on my tips on how to stay organised. It’s important to stay organised – I feel like organisation allows you to keep a clear mind and helps to keep your goals in view.

I for one have to stay organised – I work full time as well as teaching guitar on the side, I run this blog, a music blog and create regular content for my Soundcloud account. I have to stay organised else I fall behind, but nothing satisfies me more than keeping on top of my workload and goals.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing the tips which help me stay organised and manage my work load.

Lists, lists, lists! 

My first tip is to write a list. I revolve my life around lists. At the start of the month, I’ll write a list on the goals I need to achieve during the month. I love referring back to these lists throughout the month. It not only keeps my goals in mind, but it helps to motivate me especially when I can mark my goals off.

I include any upcoming Birthdays, with present ideas. I include any savings I need to put away, any little jobs I need to do. I mark off my blog posts for the month – I try to schedule all of these at the start of the month so I can relax more for the remainder of the month – the more I can get done at the start of the month, the more relaxing time I have.

If I have a particular busy week or any jobs crop up during the month, I have a little book dedicated to my weekly lists too. I usually write my monthly lists in my bullet journal, as I keep everything in there.

Set Realistic Goals / Tasks

My next tip is to set yourself realistic goals / tasks. You don’t want to be setting yourself goals / jobs you’re not able to achieve / complete, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

If I set myself a goal to write 500 blog posts in one month, I’m setting myself up for failure. This isn’t possible. I know what goals / tasks are realistic for me and I use this to my advantage. Sometimes I may push myself, but only if I know it’s possible.


How To Stay Organised
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Allow Yourself Time To Relax

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t get around to completing jobs. There’s always more time! Being hard on yourself, will not get you anywhere or get the jobs completed any faster. It’s so important to unwind and take days to relax and not have to think about to do lists and work.

If I’m not doing something productive I start to stress, without me even realizing – it’s difficult to truly relax and unwind but it’s something I’m working on. Try to get into the habit of having relaxing days, and this will become easier overtime.


Take Control Of Your Time

Taking control of your time is vital to productivity and organisation. Using your time wisely is so important. I used to be in a habit of lying down and saying ‘I’ll do it when I’ve had a nap’ and then low and behold 5 hours later, I’d be lying in the same position, hating myself for being unproductive. I know my last tip said to allow yourself time to relax, but you need to find a balance between relaxing and being a bit lazy!

Utilize your time, if you know you have a spare 5 hours, fit as much as you can in. If you’re revolving organisation around your blogging, you could sit and schedule all of your posts for the next month in those hours. Work smart, not hard.


Tidy Your Work Space

I don’t know about you, but if I have a messy work space, whether that’s my desk area or my bedroom in general – I have messy thoughts! I like a tidy work space, as this makes for a clear mind. Take 10 minutes to wipe over your desk, reorganize your books and make your bed and you’ll notice a huge difference in your productivity.


Buy Organizing Folders / Stationary

Nothing screams organization more than a folder – especially a colour coded folder! Have a browse online or at your local stationary shop and buy yourself some new bits and pieces. Sticky notes, pens, notepads and folders. Maybe even a desk organizer. This could really motivate you to complete your work load and help you stay focused. Nothing motivates me more than a fresh new notepad, with a brand new packet of highlighters!

I will link some products for inspiration. Now quick.. go buy and yourself a hole puncher!

Mesh Desk Organizer 

Weekly / Monthly Planner 

File Organizer 

Phone Stand Pen Pot

Summary Of How To Stay Organised

Those were my tips on how to stay organised.

How do you like to stay organised? Share your inspiration in the comments and remember to subscribe for more content.



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