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How To Take Better Photos For Your Blog / Pinterest

How To Take Better Photos For Your Blog / Pinterest

How To Take Better Photos For Your Blog / Pinterest 📷

In this post I will be talking about how to take good quality photos for your blog. As humans, we are very visual creatures. We like to look at things, examine things and feel inspired by imagery. A blog is more than just writing and photos are just as important as the text. It allows the viewer to get a visualisation on what you’re talking about, breaks up text and sets off your aesthetic.

Imagery is extremely important when it comes to blogging, which is why it’s good to gain as much knowledge and put as much effort into your photos as you do your subject / writing.

Photo Subject

The first thing I’m going to be discussing is your subject, your blog focus. What are you writing about? The photos must be relevant to your subject.

As an example, in this post I am talking about a blogging subject so I’ve inserted a picture of a tablet because this is a relevant piece of technology.

I’m going to ask you – what do you notice about the photo? Go back and take another look.

Did you notice the little details I paid particular attention to? The first thing is that I made sure the tablet was on. The next is the apps! The apps all relate to blogging. These are apps most bloggers will use – WordPress, Canva, Outlook and Word. As well as ensuring the tablet and mouse were positioned correctly.

If I’d have added a picture of a sunset on this blog post, it wouldn’t work. It’s not related and it doesn’t offer the reader a visual representation of the post, no matter how pretty the sunset is! Whereas the photo I have inserted above may inspire the reader to go and have a go at taking their own blog photos.

In this post I’ll also be showing you photo examples of the things I will be talking about. This is not a necessity and you could get away with just talking and describing about taking better photos, but I myself am a very visual person and like photo examples, which is why I like to add these myself. These photos will not be ‘aesthetic’ photos as they are informative and I’m trying to show the readers real life examples which will help them going forward.

Photo Aesthetic

Every blog will have an aesthetic, a theme that will be carried throughout their blog. This should be no different with your photos. What I mean by this is, if you use a certain filter on your photos this should be consistent with your photos on your blog posts. For example – if you use a rustic, grainy filter. Own this! Use it on every post – don’t feel like you’re overloading your readers with the same style of photo or boring them. This becomes your signature photo aesthetic. This means that if of one of your viewers is quickly scrolling through their feed and spots your photo, they will instantly know it’s you. If they’re a fan of your blog this will drive them to read your post. Photos catch the eye more than a title will.

This aesthetic could be anything – from a filter, to having plants in your pictures, to the angle you have taken the photo, or if you take your photos in the exact same location each time. These are the things your readers will start to recognise overtime.

I like using flowers in my photos, and I like to have a white background, which I achieve by using a white sheet.


The next thing I will be talking about is lighting! Lighting is so important, as it highlights your photo subject clearly. If your photo is too dark, it can become grainy and of bad quality. Everyone knows that the secret to any good quality photo is lighting.

I personally use a light box – I use this because it’s always dark this time of the year, so the natural lighting just doesn’t cut it and my bedroom barely gets any light as it’s on the back of the house. This light box cost me £20, and the best part is, it folds away neatly into a bag. I think a light box is a good investment if you’re serious about blogging. You can get all shapes and sizes and you don’t need to worry about taking your blog photos at a particular time. If you really wanted to, you could take them at 10 o clock at night and it wouldn’t make a difference!

If I’m in a rush and just want to take a few quick photos, I’ll use my desk mirror which has an illuminating light around it. This is the perfect set up as my desk is white so this plays as the white background for me.

And finally, of course you can use natural lighting! You could take your photos near a window to get the best possible lighting, or you could even take them outside.


Editing is everything when it comes to blog photos! Editing is the one thing that will really make your blog photos look professional. Below I have inserted a few examples of before and after photos that I’ve edited. You will see the difference editing makes.

There are so many photo editing apps out there – in this day and age we are spoilt for choice when it comes to photo editing software. I use two different apps to edit my photos. These particular photos were editing using Lightroom, which is free to download and one of my favourites.

To edit my photos, I crop out parts that shouldn’t be there, I make whites and highlighting stand out, and I also sharpen all my photos to the highest point. Here are the main settings I use –

I would highly recommend you have a play around with your editing to find out what settings you like the most.

Another app I use is called ‘Meitu’ which is also free to download. I mainly use this app for the filters. There’s so many filters you can choose from; grainy, bright, old film style – you name it!

You can also edit things out of your photos using the eraser setting. As an example, I have cut out the people in the background of this photo and added one of the Meitu filters.

What did I tell you.. photo editing is everything!

Other helpful information

  • Don’t worry – you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take good quality blog pictures. I never use mine for my blog photos. I prefer to use my phone as it’s much more convenient and the quality is just as good.
  • Ensure you’re taking your photos in a tidy work space and have removed any surrounding clutter which you don’t want captured in the photo. (You could always crop this out later but it’s easier to just make sure it’s not there in the first place)
  • You don’t have to take your own blog photos, there’s plenty of resource available where you can scroll through and use other people’s photos on your blog. Some of these services you have to pay for, but a lot of them just require you to mentioned the original creator in your blog post.
  • If you take photos of yourself for your blog, I would highly recommend purchasing a Bluetooth remote. This has changed my blogging life, and is so much easier than using self timer and running to and from your phone.

Summary of How To Take Better Photos For Your Blog / Pinterest

So that was all of my advice on how to take good quality photos for the our blog. I hope you found this information useful and are feeling inspired. Go have a go at taking your own photos and see how you get on!

Do you have any advice on how to take better blog photos or any questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

See you on the next post,

Calluna X

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